09 Jan 2020

Notables from the Dante Anderson Memorial Invitational


Earnest Ross, Alachua Santa Fe: The 6’8 junior, considered a national top fifty player in the class, had a slow start on Saturday but finished big.  He is an excellent run/jump athlete that finds a variety of ways to get to the basket and score.  Ross connected on a couple of mid-range jumpers and shows promise of being able to extend his consistent range out to three-point territory.  He is also a good ball-handler and passer for his size.  Ross is also a guy that can grab rebounds at the defensive end and push the ball up the floor without having to give it up to another ball-handler.  Defensively he covers a lot of ground quickly, can guard a variety of positions, and challenge/change shots when hovering in the lane.

Akiem Nickerson, Leesburg: The 6’2 senior scored impressively off drives, both at the rim and when quickly pulling up from mid-range.  In fact, he scored well from all three levels in the game we watched.  Nickerson is a strong athlete and on Saturday he frequently got to the foul line and connected at a high rate.  Arguably one of the top “sleeper seniors” in the 2020 Class in Florida.

Dontrell Jackson, Alachua Santa Fe: The 5’9 freshman plays nothing like one.  He has a great IQ for the game, understands pace, and proved very adept at handling extended defensive pressure.  A solid outside shooter, Jackson keeps the defense honest if they try to back away from him to play for the drive.  He’s quick and crafty with the ball and, maybe even more important, plays with a great deal of confidence.  Jackson is one of the better true point guards we’ve seen this season, regardless of class.

Korin Bradley, Gainesville Eastside: The 6’2 senior caught our attention at this event last year and was just as impressive this time around, if not more so.  He has a solid catch-and-shoot game to go along with his ability to straight line slash to the hole and score in traffic.  Bradley gets to the foul line frequently and makes a high majority of those freebies.  He’s athletic, strong, and a good defender.

Elmer Rollins, Alachua Santa Fe: Listed at 6’2, not sure the senior is that tall.  It doesn’t matter, as, inch for inch, he may be the toughest dude in the state.  He’s got a big heart and plays a big game.  He’s a warrior on the glass and scores inside in traffic.  With great hops and hustle, Rollins outplayed taller, more notable players Saturday night.

Cameron Johnson, Miami Norland: The 6’5 sophomore got all of his work done on the interior this past Saturday, but he projects as a solid D-I perimeter player.  He rebounded well, scored on the break, and gave a great effort on the defensive end.

Josh Hayes, Hawthorne: The 6’5 freshman is all arms and legs with a great deal of potential right now.  According to coaches, he has not been playing organized basketball long, but seems to have a natural feel for the game.  Hayes showed a soft touch around the basket, a willingness to battle on the boards, and good shot blocking instincts.  With continued skill work, effort, and physical growth, he will certainly get opportunities to play at the next level.