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NYBL South Regional Qualifier – Rpt III


Keanu Calderon, 1 Family 17U: While we didn’t get to see him play a full game, it certainly doesn’t take that long to see that the 6’6 wing from Jacksonville Potter’s House is a talented player.  Calderon is quite skilled with the ball, controlling it well in traffic and delivering passes with touch at the right time.  He scored from all three levels while we watched him for a brief period.  His length and leaping ability allow him to contribute in the rebounding department and when the mood strikes he can be a disruptive defender.

Denzel Aberdeen, Team Parsons 2022: Aberdeen looked very solid playing up a couple of levels.  The freshman at The First Academy in Orlando pushed the pace, made good decisions on the move, and scored when given the opportunity.  Though slight of frame, he is quite quick and crafty with the basketball, able to get to wherever he needs to go on the court.  He has range to the three point line on his shot but also has a nice floater in the lane to complement his perimeter shooting.  Aberdeen is a decent defender now thanks to determination and quickness, but he will be better once his frame fills out and he gains strength.

Jordan Lopez, Gold Coast 17U: Hailing from a basketball family, the 6’3 junior from Miami Palmetto did the family tradition proud in the contest we watched Saturday morning.  A dangerous outside shooter, Lopez gets his shot off quickly and it goes down with consistency.  Lopez showed a knack for pulling up off the dribble and knocking down mid-range shots before his defender could react.  He is quick to transition from defense to offense and often found himself with open layups.  He’s got the pedigree, skills, and potential to play at the next level.

Alex Shields, Game Speed Elite 17U: The 6’2 guard from The First Academy in Orlando is strongly built and very confident at the offensive end.  He was 3-6 from beyond the arc in the game we watched, one of those included a free throw for a four point play.  Thanks to his physicality, Shields helps a great deal when it comes to rebounding the ball at both ends of the floor.  Not just a shooter, Shields doesn’t shy away from attempting to overpower his defender and attack the basket off the dribble.  Defensively he puts in effort and is quick to rotate over as a help defender.

Emmanuel Maldonado, 1 Family 16U: The 6’2 sophomore out of Downey Christian in Orlando continues to have a solid spring.  He has developed very good chemistry with his teammates and routinely delivers lobs and look away passes for easy baskets.  He looks to advance the ball quickly, whether via the pass or the dribble, at every opportunity.  His three point shot selection can sometimes be questionable (too far out) but he makes enough of them that he stretches the defense.  While he can certainly improve his defensive footwork and have his hands be more active, Maldonado does have good instincts and anticipates well when the ball comes into his area.

Myles Stewart, Q6 All-Stars Elite 16U: The rangy 6’5 wing from Orlando Lake Highland Prep had a solid shooting game, going 3-5 from behind the three point line in the game we watched on Saturday.  He’s got some length to him but one can tell by his movements that he is still getting used to his body.  Still, that doesn’t keep Stewart from rebounding the ball in traffic or using his wing span to deflect, tip or steal balls that come into his defensive area.  He also handles the ball well and was used quite a bit by the team to help relieve full court defensive pressure.  As he gets stronger, he will most likely become more confident in challenging the defense off the dribble and attacking the basket to go along with his ability to make perimeter shots.

NYBL South Regional Qualifier: Rpt II


Photo courtesy Amp Up Media

Andy Chavez, Gold Coast Elite 17U: A member of the Class of 2021, the 6’0 point guard from Miami Belen Jesuit was quite impressive when viewed on Saturday.  While maybe not elite in terms of speed, quickness, and athleticism, Chavez is elite when it comes to knocking down shots from beyond the arc, running an offense, and making good decisions with the ball.  Just when you think Chavez is a catch-and-shoot only scorer, he’ll put the ball on the deck and challenge the defense at the basket.

David Green, 1Family 17U (pictures above): A 6’8 forward from Ocoee, Green showed quite a bit of offensive diversity this past weekend.  The lefty is big and strong enough to score inside.  He also proved that he can generate offense when facing the basket, rather inside or outside of the three point line.  On several occasions, Green sprinted to the corner in transition and knocked down threes.  At other times, he showed he could put the ball on the floor for one or two dribbles and score from the high post and short corner areas.  He’s got a good motor, and plays hard at both ends of the court on a consistent basis.

Sheldon Taylor, Game Speed Elite 17U: The 6’6 forward from Orlando Jones is in the Class of 2021 and did a solid job of playing up.  He stuck to what he is good at, which is rebounding the ball on the defensive end, making himself available for quick shot opportunities in the lane on offense and pursuing missed shots and scoring quickly before the defense adjusts.  He’s got some length to him and if he were to play with more confidence and aggression, Taylor is probably a higher-caliber of athlete than he demonstrated in our initial viewing.

Ven Allen-Lubin, Team Parsons 2022: Lubin, a 6’6 forward out of Orlando Christian Prep, continues to have a sterling spring.  He is all kinds of active in the lane on both ends of the floor.  Defensively, he is quick to pursue and grab rebounds out of his area as well as challenge shots in the lane.  He also has a long reach and gets to many wayward passes that he deflects or outright steals.  Offensively, he is fast up the floor in transition and scores above the rim.  Lubin is also a decent low post scorer and an improving perimeter shot maker.  Not yet a sophomore, he has a very high ceiling.

Mark Cueto, Ball 4 Lyfe 9th Grade: In a very tough contest against Cream City out of Jacksonville, it seemed that every big play made toward getting Ball 4 Lyfe the win was made by Cueto.  The 6’5 forward out of Palm Beach Gardens Benjamin, scored to tie the game late in the contest then blocked a potential game-tying shot to seal the victory.  He has a good set of skills as he handles the ball in the open floor, is a willing passer inside and proved capable of making open perimeter shots.  Cueto also rebounded his area well and was active on the defensive end.

Max Humstead, Cream City 9th Grade: In that contest, the 6’3 forward out of Bartram Trail was ready for him moment.  He connected on a pair of threes in the first half as well showing no fear when attacking the basket with the dribble.  Humstead scored a couple of times that way and also earned an easy basket in transition.  He showed some potential in our first viewing of him and it will be interesting to track his progress in the future.

NYBL South Regional Qualifier: Report I


We took in the National Youth Basketball League (NYBL) South Regional Qualifier in Orlando this past weekend.  The premier middle school league in the country also hosted the Team Parsons Memorial Day Showcase in the same location, the Gaylord Palms Convention Center.  This allowed us to see a lot of quality talent from throughout the southeast in one location.


Before take a closer look at some of the standout players, we want to give a shout-out to the teams that won their respective divisions in the NYBL South Regional Qualifier:

9th Grade: Jacksonville Magic defeated Ball 4 Lyfe, 62-61

8th Grade: Ball 4 Lyfe defeated Advanced 2 Athletics, 74-62

7th Grade: Atlanta Celtics Black defeated Advanced 2 Athletics, 54-51

6th Grade: Ball 4 Lyfe defeated Skills Center Elite, 61-56

5th Grade: Tri-City Ballers defeated Powerhouse Bulls, 41-31


Jarvey Gainey, 1 Family 16U: The 6’2 wing had one of the better shooting performances that we’ve seen this spring.  He dropped seven threes in the second half in one of the games we witnessed. His range is deep and the stroke is effortless and picture perfect.  Gainey also proved that he can get off his shot using step-backs and side-steps away from defenders to get off and knock down his shot.  Like all successful shooters, Gainey can sometimes rely too heavily on his jumper when he should be mixing in drives to keep the defense off balance.

Kentron Poitier, Gold Coast 17U: The 6’5 wing is a dual-sport athlete with several high-major offers as a football wide receiver.  His size, strength, and athleticism carry over to the hardwood and Poitier used all of his physical attributes to dominate a lesser opponent in a game we watched.  He was quick to rebounds on the defensive end, igniting fast breaks with either a quick outlet or bursting through the opposition to push the ball on his own.  Poitier made good decisions with the ball on the move and finished well with either hand when getting to the basket.  His jump shot is okay and must be respected but he is at his best when he can get into the lane.  Defensively, Poitier is quick and active, coming up with many deflections, tips, and steals.

Javaughn Thomas, Team Parsons 2022: The 6’2 freshman had an excellent game on Friday evening, particularly at the offensive end.  The lefty connected on a pair of three pointers (not usually a strength), repeatedly got to the basket and finished through contact in traffic, and made good decisions with the ball when on the move.  A good athlete with a solid frame, he makes good use of his physical traits on the defensive end and in the rebounding department.

Elijah Hulsewe, Q6 All-Stars Elite 16U: The 6’10 sophomore was one of the more intriguing prospects at the event.  He moves pretty well for a guy his size and age but also has a solid build.  Not yet a player that the offense can throw the ball to in the post and count on a bucket, Hulsewe still gets his fair share of shot attempts by going after offensive rebounds and being available for drop-offs from penetrating teammates.  Right now, he’s more of a space eater and shot challenger on the defensive end but Hulsewe will certainly get better when it comes to blocking shots in the coming years and he doesn’t shy away from physical play in the paint.

Alston Andrews, Game Speed Elite 17U: This was his first time back on the court since the fall as it took a while for the 6’8 power player to come back from a foot/ankle injury prior to the start of the high school season.  Yes, he looked a bit rusty and his playing time was monitored and limited, but it was good to see him out on the floor and he showed flashes of being an athletic big that can protect the interior on defense, pursue rebounds out of his area on both ends of the floor and finish with power around the basket.  Andrews showed additional promise on the offensive end in making a mid-range jumper and a pair of free throws.  He’s a guy that will be very intriguing to programs as he continues to get into game shape and sharpen his skill set.

Nate Jackson, DeKalb Heat 17U: The 6’0 guard out of Druid Hills, Georgia was dynamic on the offensive end in Friday’s first game.  If he wasn’t nailing deep threes, he was getting by the defense and finishing with either floaters over challenging defenders and making difficult shots in traffic at the basket.  Lithe and quick, Jackson came across as more of a scoring guard than one that sets up his teammates.  Still, guys that can score like he can are at a premium so look for Jackson to make some recruiting waves when the high school season rolls around in a few months.

Battle at the Beach – 16U: Rpt II


Jayvien Millian, 1 Family: The 6’8 forward out of Sarasota Riverview had a solid game against Night Rydas on Saturday.  A high-level athlete, Millian finished several plays above the rim, most notably on lobs in transition as well as set plays.  A surprisingly good shooter from the perimeter, Millian poses a tough dilemma as far as taking away the drive or the shot.  Improving his handle will allow him to use his length and athletic explosiveness to greater advantage.  He gets to rebounds and shot attempts quickly on the defensive end and his wing span allows him to get several tips and deflections during games.

Walter Clayton, Night Rydas Elite: The 6’0 point guard from Lake Wales runs the show like a seasoned veteran.  He’s very confident in his ability to handle the basketball and make the correct shot vs. pass read when coming off ball screens.  Clayton is strong and doesn’t shy away from contact when driving to the basket.  Right now, his perimeter shot is consistent just enough to force the defense to respect it, but that consistency will improve with time.  Defensively, Clayton is solid.  He has quick lateral movement and good instincts.

Alex Fudge, Team Parsons: The 6’6 wing from Jacksonville Lee is a highlight reel waiting to happen when the pace of the game is up-tempo.  Very long and quick, he routinely beats the defense down the court in transition and finishes well above the rim.  There is still some skill work to be done on the offensive end but Fudge makes the most of his opportunities when it comes to putting back missed shots or taking one to two dribbles and elevating over the defense for close-in shots.  Defensively he puts his length and athletic ability to good use by aggressively challenging opponents with the ball, coming from the weak side to block shots or grabbing rebounds out of his area and quickly starting the break.

Tre Carroll, Florida Pro: The 6’7 forward out of Punta Gorda Charlotte continues to display a versatile game this spring.  A good but not yet explosive athlete, Carroll more than compensates with his innate court sense and high skill level.  He can make shots from beyond the arc or put the ball on the floor and score with floaters or jump hooks in the lane.  Carroll is an unselfish passer and is quick to recognize mismatches and get the ball where it needs to go.  A solid rebounder, he is able to grab the rebound and push the ball up the floor without fear of losing the ball once the defense responds.

Mark McCallister, Triple Double Academy: The 6’5 wing from West Orange just seemed to be at the right place at the right time to make the right play the entire time we watched him.  He plays very hard, relentlessly pursuing rebounds, chasing loose balls, or hounding the opponent on defense.  McCallister’s most notable offensive work come on the offensive glass and in transition.  Hopefully, as time goes on this spring and summer, we will get to see more of him to better gauge his offensive skill set.  For now, call us very intrigued.

Alvin Tumblin, 1 Family: A lithe 6’6 forward from Sebring, Tumblin is just beginning to show what he has the potential to become.  He’s got a decent stroke our to the arc, can put the ball on the floor for a dribble or two and score from the foul line or short corners, and use his reach to get to offensive rebounds.  He has the length and foot speed to defend different positions on the floor.  Once he’s able to confidently attack the basket using change of directions, Tumblin’s options for the next level will open up.

Roddrick Henry, Night Rydas Elite: A 6’5 wing from Tally Rickards, Henry showed a much improved skill set since we had last seen him.  Always a high-level athlete, he has become more skilled, showing an improved jumper in terms of both range and consistency.  Henry also displayed a quick first step to get by defenders when going to the basket.  He still makes an impact as a rebounder at both ends of the floor and is quite active in the passing lanes when on defense. 

Dylan Canoville, Florida Pro: While the Fort Lauderdale Calvary Christian product may only be 6’2 or 6’3 at this stage, he gets a lot done for being “undersized”.  He scored well around the basket against taller players, showed off a solid mid-range shot, and was quite active in getting his hands in the passing lanes, causing turnovers and derailing the offense by deflecting the ball out of bounds.  He plays with a high motor and puts out 100% every play.

Battle at the Beach – 16U: Rpt I


A great many teams and players that normally play at the 16U level played as 17U at The Battle at the Beach.  Quite a few distinguished themselves.

Moussa Diabate, Night Rydas Elite: The 6’8 sophomore at DME Academy is a mainstay on the team’s 17U EYBL entry, but played with the 16Us this past weekend.  In short, Diabate was dominant.  Whether posting up or facing up from inside the arc, he is a bona fide bucket getter.  It’s either two points, a trip to the foul line, or an “and one” opportunity.  His perimeter jump shot is becoming more lethal as evidenced by his three for three from three performance in the game we watched.  Add to that his tenacious rebounding, Diabate’s ability to change ends swiftly, and ability to come over from the weak side and change shots makes him one of the better players in the national class of 2021.

Ramses Melendez, Team Parsons: The 6’5 sophomore wing out of Kissimmee Central Point continues to scorch the nets this spring.  Give him room from NBA range, and he will consistently drain three point shots.  Play up too close for the jumper, and Melendez is right by the defender looking to get all the way to the basket for a bucket, free throws, or both.  He’s a bit on the thin side but he’s wiry strong and not afraid to absorb or distribute physical punishment.  Melendez is a solid ball-handler and passer who will find open teammates for easy shots if his path to the basket is blocked.

Emmanuel Maldonado, 1 Family: The 6’2 sophomore out of Downey Christian in Orlando plays without fear and has a short memory.  If a play doesn’t go his way, he quickly moves on.  However, very few plays do not go his way.  Maldonado is excellent at reading ball-screens and making the correct decision.  He’s savvy at creating space and knocking down shots as well as getting the ball quickly to the screener rolling to the basket if that is the right play.  He excels at pushing the pace and advances the ball rapidly via the pass or dribble.  With range to the arc on his jump shot, solid court vision and a high basketball IQ, Maldonado is one of the better point guard prospects in Florida’s 2021 class.

John Lattimer, Triple Double Academy: The 5’10 sophomore from Apopka was the starting point guard for the Blue Darters this past year and helped lead them to a #1 state ranking in Class 9A near the end of the season.  Lattimer exhibits several leadership traits with this group as most of them played JV or Freshman ball this past season.  He’s a vocal leader, gets people in the right places, and directs traffic on both offense and defense.  Lattimer is at his best when he can push the pace.  He puts a great deal of pressure on opposing ball-handlers and forced many mistakes this past weekend.  Those mistakes quickly turned into points or assists for Lattimer.  His perimeter game is reliable from inside the three point line but consistency is still needed from behind the arc. 

Ausar & Amen Thompson, Florida Pro: The 6’4 twins from Pine Crest are freshman, so they were playing up two levels this past weekend.  You wouldn’t know it.  It is futile to classify either Thompson with a position; they both just go out there and ball!  Long, lithe, and athletic, Ansur and Amen are both highly skilled and highly cerebral on the basketball court.  Both score from all three levels, are very active defensively, and handle and pass the ball very well.  No doubt each will gain strength and muscle mass as they physically mature.  The ceiling is very high for this pair.

Jarvey Gainey, 1 Family: The 6’2 guard from Ocala Trinity Catholic took a while to get going, but once he did it was hard to put the fire out.  A proficient three point shooter off the catch, Gainey showed this past weekend that he can drive the ball and score with floaters in the lane or along the baseline, as well as knock down shots coming off ball screens inside the three point line.  Gainey has long arms and makes good use of them at the defensive end.  He anticipates well and gets many tips and deflections. 

Noah Tover, Florida Pro: The 6’3 guard out of Fort Lauderdale Calvary Christian is an impact player at either guard spot.  Playing the point, he’s a solid ball-handler and set-up guy when driving to the basket.  Playing off the ball, he has legitimate three point range on his shot and can score at the basket in traffic.  He’s a much better athlete than given credit for and he more than holds his own on the defensive end and when it comes to rebounding the ball. 

Michael James, Night Rydas Elite: The 6’4 wing from Wekiva wasn’t overly flashy on Saturday, just very consistent and productive.  He knocked down his looks from behind the arc, got to the offensive glass to make points, attacked the basket in transition, and scored inside when matched up by a smaller defender.  James also was active defensively, helping inside to block shots or take charges.  This was one of the most complete games we have seen from him and hopefully not the last.

Battle at the Beach – 17U: Rpt II


Dallan Coleman, E1T1: The 6’5 guard out of West Nassau in Callahan is playing up and is considered one of the top players in the national class of 2021 and it isn’t hard to see why.  “Debo”, as he is often called, has excellent size for either backcourt position, has a strong, solid frame, and is a high-level athlete.  While he didn’t shoot as well as he normally does from three point territory, Coleman is able to score in other ways.  He is a strong driver and finisher at the rim with an ability to finish tough shots in traffic with contact.  At this stage Coleman is a solid ball-handler and passer and with some work could be a point guard at the next level.

Mayoum Mayoum, 1 Family: A 6’4 wing from Potter’s House in Jacksonville, his name must translate to “Attack! Attack!” in his native language.  Whether on the defensive end pressuring the ball, jumping into passing lanes, or an offense, sprinting the floor in transition, getting ahead of the defense, or taking his defender off the dribble, Mayoum pressed the issue at every opportunity.  While we didn’t see any perimeter shot attempts from him in the game we watched, his free throw shooting form and results are solid, so there is some hope that he can make shots when overplayed by the defense for the drive. 

Armani Thomas, Brevard Bulls: The 6’4 guard from Kissimmee Osceola played well for the Bulls when the team was pressed into back-to-back games.  Thomas has been a mainstay on Osceola’s two state championship teams the past three years but he has always played a secondary role.  On Saturday, he showed that he is ready to take the next step and be the leader of the team.  A solid two-way player, Thomas is active and uses his length wisely on the defensive end.  Offensively, he knocks down open perimeter shots, challenges the defense at the basket, and gets more than his fair share of offensive rebound opportunities.

Dorian Allen, Team T-Mac: A 5’9 speedster out of Auburndale, playing up-tempo is his calling card.  He relentlessly pushes the pace once he gets the ball off both misses and makes.  He attacks the defense until forced to give the ball up and usually makes good decisions.  Allen hit a couple of floaters in the lane but didn’t have the same kind of success with the few perimeter shots he attempted.  Defensively he is very quick and makes things uncomfortable for the opponent.  Allen also anticipates well when playing off the ball and is quick to turn lazy passes into his area into scores for him or a teammate.

Josh Simmons, TB 13: While only 6’3 or 6’4, Simmons plays much, much bigger.  The Bartow product pretty much dominates the backboard at both ends with his superior strength and timing.  Simmons often posted up taller opponents and either simply overpowered them to score or used some crafty footwork to gain space and loft in a soft shot.  He also proved he can score off one or two-dribble drives from the high post and short corner areas.  Simmons raised some eyebrows when he knocked down a long two.  If he can expand his shooting range, more options for play at the next level will open up.

Kevin Beans, Q6 All-Stars Elite: A 6’4 wing out of Port Orange Atlantic, Beans is continuing his solid play from this past high school season.  He rebounded the ball well at both ends, scored quickly after cutting into the lane and receiving the ball, and did a solid job on the defensive end.  He has the length and quickness to defend multiple positions.  While he didn’t get off a perimeter shot on Saturday in the game we watched, he was reportedly one of the better perimeter shooters in Volusia County this past season.

DeQuarius Bowden, GPI All-Stars: A 6’5 power player from Edgewater, Bowden does serious damage down low.  He overpowers most opponents when scoring inside and pursues offensive rebounds with a vengeance.  Bowden doesn’t mind the physicality that comes with playing inside at either end.  While he didn’t do it Saturday, we have seen Bowden step out onto the perimeter and make shots.  

Battle at the Beach – 17U: Rpt I


We took in the first day of the Battle at the Beach event held at Mainland High School in Daytona.  It was a highly competitive event with a lot of good teams and players to watch.  Hopefully, this event will become a mainstay during the spring travel ball season as it was well-run and attended by many of the top teams in the state.

Giancarlo Rosado, E1T1: The 6’9 big man from West Palm Beach Palm Beach Lakes was coming off a solid EYBL session in Atlanta the previous weekend.  He scored well in the post as he has good footwork and the ability to finish around the rim with either hand.  Rosado moved up and down the court well, controlled his rebounding area and challenged all comers entering the lane on the defensive end. 

DeAndre Harvey, 1 Family: The 5’11 point court from Potter’s House in Jacksonville played well in running the team on Saturday.  He is strong and athletic for the position but played with a solid understanding of pace and tempo.  Harvey was quick to get the ball up the floor via the pass or dribble once on offense and also swiftly got the ball to open shooters for scores.  He was quick and shifty enough with his dribble to get past defenders and generally made good decisions with the ball after breaking down the defense.  His shot has good form but he finished just 1-4 from beyond the arc.  Defensively he was intent on making play difficult for the opponent.

Deon Early, Brevard Bulls: Early and the Bulls had a tough task, playing the second of back-to-back games against E1T1.  The 6’0 guard from St. Petersburg HS impressed by not backing down one inch, producing while the rest of his teammates found it difficult to get past their initial fatigue.  Early was making plays every which way possible: driving to the basket for scores, hitting jump shots from both the mid-range area and from behind the three point line.  He also did a nice job of pushing the pace and was aggressive in getting the ball into the lane. 

Gary Jones, Q6 All-Stars Elite: The 6’10 center from Tampa Sickles didn’t have many opportunities to score in the contest but he made quite the impact in other ways.  Jones is strong and solid with a sturdy frame.  He clogs the lane on defense, challenges opponents around the basket, and doesn’t shy away from physical play inside.  He rebounded his area well and doesn’t give up on balls after his first jump.  Jones may not be swift up and down the floor but he isn’t slow.  No doubt Jones will get deserved offers because of his size but he could be a real diamond-in-the-rough in the right setting.

DeShaun Osborne, GPI All-Stars:  A 5’11 junior from Orlando Evans, he stood out with his control of the ball and the pace of the game.  He advanced the ball quickly on offense, especially after turnovers.  Osborne consistently kept his head up coming off ball-screens, looking for cutters as well as reading the defense.  Offensively, he made the most of his opportunities, hitting a couple of shots in the lane, a mid-range pull-up, and a three.  Defensively, Osborne showed consistently active hands and feet.

Ja’Keese Kemp, TB 13: Kemp, a 6’3 wing from Lakeland McKeel Academy, did a little bit of everything for TB 13, which is sponsored by Tony Bradley, the former Bartow and North Carolina star now playing in the NBA (he was in attendance encouraging his team).  Slender but athletic, if there was a positive play made by TB 13 during the game, chances were very good that Keese had a hand in it.  He’s long and quick to the basketball, whether it be on rebounds or loose balls.  Kemp is a good decision maker and throws passes that are catchable and immediately usable.  He didn’t shoot much from the perimeter but the results were for the most part encouraging.  Kemp is definitely a player we hope to again in the not-to-distant future.

Pat Taylor, Team T-Mac: The 6’2 guard from Lakeland HS was quick out of the gate in the contest we watched, sandwiching a three pointer around a pair of driving scores in the games first few minutes.  Taylor then made plays in other parts of the game as the defense started to pay him more attention.  He used his strength and solid frame to grab rebounds from bigger players, continued to be active on the defensive end, creating a couple of turnovers, and then finding teammates for easy baskets in transition or when coming off ball-screens.  While Taylor wasn’t “great” at any one thing, he was certainly proficient in a lot of different areas.

All-Live Period Teams (Apparel-Sponsored Circuits)



Scottie Barnes, Night Rydas Elite: 12.5 ppg, 8 rpg, 5.5 apg

Giancarlo Rosado, E1T1: 14 ppg, 3.5 rpg

Moussa Diabate, Night Rydas Elite: 9 ppg, 8 rpg

Marcus Niblack, E1T1: 11 ppg, 3.5 apg

Malachi Wideman, E1T1: 10 ppg, 6 rpg


Devin Carter, Florida Knights: 20 ppg, 4 rpg

Bradley Douglas, Team Florida: 12 ppg, 4 rpg, 4 apg

Khalil Shaheed, Game Elite: 10 ppg, 4.5 apg

Corey Walker, Game Elite: 16 ppg, 4.5 rpg

Andre Weir, Team Florida: 11 ppg, 8 rpg


Roger McFarlane, Vipers: 13 ppg, 5 rpg

Amarachi Ujagbor, Breakdown: 10 ppg, 6.5 rpg

Wes Cardet, Breakdown: 11.5 ppg, 5 rpg

DeAngelo Elissee, Vipers: 11 ppg, 4 rpg

Stephen Swenson, Vipers: 9 ppg, 4 apg


Scottie Barnes, Night Rydas

Devin Carter, Florida Knights

Roger McFarlane, Vipers

Corey Walker, Game Elite

Andre Weir, Team Florida

Thoughts from the Live Period: Adidas Gauntlet


Over on the Adidas Gauntlet Circuit, Team Florida won their final contest on Sunday to keep from going winless.  Both Bradley Douglas and Andre Weir were the key point contributors as each averaged just over eleven points a contest.

Douglas, a 6’3 junior at Eustis, shot 52% from the field overall but just 22% from beyond the arc.  He also led the team in free throw attempts (12) and free throw makes (9).  While the stat sheet for the last game has him credited with twelve assists, we are throwing the challenge flag on that one.  Still, Douglas averaged four assists per contest in the three games prior to that one, so clearly, he doesn’t mind sharing his toys.

A 6’9 junior from Hollywood Chaminade, Weir got a lot done around the basket this past weekend.  He shot a blistering 14-19 from the field in the first three games (74%) which includes his lone attempt and make from the three-point area.  He also led the team in rebounding, averaging just over six per game.  While maybe not the explosive athlete that others are, Weir understands where he is most effective on the court and most importantly how to produce in those areas.


Andre Weir: 15 points, 7 rebounds vs. Dream Vision Next

Bradley Douglas: 15 points, 5 rebounds vs. Team Harden AZ

Keon Buckley: 15 points, 4 rebounds, vs. Team Harden AZ

Bradley Douglas: 16 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists vs. Game Point

Tre Carroll: 13 points, 5 rebounds, vs. Game Point

Christian Shaneyelt: 15 points vs. Cali Rebels

The Florida Knights fared better this past weekend in the Gauntlet, finishing at 2-2.  It could have just as easily been 4-0 or 1-3 as one of the wins was by just two points while both losses were by a single point each.

Playing the first time with the Knights this weekend, 6’3 junior Devin Carter got used to things with a quiet (for him) eleven-point opener.  In the next two games, he put up the kind of numbers that he did with Doral this past high school season, scoring 23 and 26 points respectively.  In the three games that stats were provided, Carter averaged and even 20 ppg on an efficient 62% from the floor overall and 11-17 from beyond the arc (65%).  He also was tied for the team lead in assists as well as the third leading rebounder.  If at least one of the national sites doesn’t mention Carter after his play this weekend, it should be the next thing that Congress investigates.

Helping out Carter for the Florida Knights were Jalen Speer, a 6’1 junior from Gainesville P.K. Yonge, and 6’3 junior Aderes Staton-McCray from Pompano Beach Ely.  While both fell short of averaging double figures in scoring for the weekend, they were consistent and efficient in their contributions.  Speer was 10-18 from the field overall (55%), including 4-8 from beyond the arc and a perfect 5-5 from the free throw line.  While Staton-McCray wasn’t as proficient from deep, just 3-9, he still was 10-19 from the field overall.  In the prior weekend which wasn’t open to college coaches, Speer was the team’s leading scoring while Staton-McCray was Breakdown’s second leading scorer and most efficient player in their first spin of the season in the UAA.

Notable Single Game Performances:

Jalen Speer: 15 points, 4 assists vs. Indiana Elite North

Nic Louis-Jacques: 13 points (5-5 overall, 3-3 from three) vs. Indiana Elite North

Devin Carter: 23 points (4-7 from three) vs. DC Thunder

Devin Carter: 26 points (5-6 from three), 6 rebounds, 3 assists vs. Team Rose

It was a mixed bag for the Florida contingent of Game Elite on the Gauntlet circuit.  Corey Walker, a 6’7 junior from Jacksonville Bishop Snyder, had a pair of great games, going off for 23 in the first game and 31 in the final game of the weekend.  However, sandwiched between those two were games of six points and three points.  Tony Sanders, a 6’7 junior from Miami Gulliver Prep, followed suit.  He had thirteen and sixteen in games one and three respectively but just three in game two and 2 in game four.  In the three games with stats, Walker and Sanders both shot under 35% from the field overall.  At least Walker contributed five rebounds a contest.

Khalil Shaheed, a 6’2 junior from Clearwater Superior Collegiate, had arguably the most consistent weekend for Game Elite.  Averaging just under ten points a contest, Shaheed shot a crisp 15-24 (62.5%) from the field and also contributed four assists per game.  If Shaheed can become more of a threat from the perimeter with his jumper (he’s already a punishing driver and finisher), his value to college coaches significantly elevates.

Notable Single Game Performances:

Corey Walker: 23 points, 7 rebounds vs. EBO

Khalil Shaheed: 16 points, 6 assists vs. EBO

Tony Sanders: 13 points vs. EBO

Tony Sanders: 16 points vs. Basketball U

Corey Walker: 31 points, 5 assists vs. Compton Magic

Kahlil Shaheed: 8 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists vs. Compton Magic

Thoughts from the Live Period: UAA


This past weekend was the lone “April Live Period” this year, thanks to the NCAA’s re-tooling of the recruiting calendar.  While unable to be there in person, a look at the stats can give provide some insight.

It was a tough weekend for Team Breakdown, finishing 0-4 in the Under Armour Association.  Without 6’10 Brandon Sanders, 6’8 D.J. Warren, and 6’7 Malachi Hazleton, the squad played in Kansas City with only 6’6 Amarachi Ujdabor as an interior presence.  Kudos to him as for the two games that had stats available, he led the team in rebounding at 6.5 per game and finished second in scoring at ten points a contest. Going 8-13 from the field and 4-5 from the charity stripe are solid numbers for the undersized power forward.

Notable Single Game Performances:

Samuel Rolle: 10 points vs. Washington Supreme

Selton Miguel: 12 points, 5 assists vs. Team Felton

Wes Cardet: 20 points, 7 rebounds vs. Team Felton

Amarachi Ujdabor: 12 points, 6 rebounds vs. Team Felton

The Florida Vipers fared only a bit better at 1-3 in KC.  Roger McFarlane from University School in Fort Lauderdale paced the team in scoring, averaging just under 13 points per contest.  His forte is attacking the basket and either scoring or drawing fouls and getting to the free throw line.  He also grabbed just over five rebounds a contest, one of the better rates on the team. 

Jacksonville NFEI’s big man, 6’8 junior DeAngelo Elissee, gave the Vipers production on the interior.  Averaging just over ten points and six rebounds a contest, he’s beginning to draw more attention.  He understands his role is to set ball screens, attack the glass at both ends, and provide interior scoring when given the opportunity.

While he may have played a complimentary role for state champ Westminster Academy, 6’1 junior Stephen Swenson is putting up solid numbers for the Vipers.  While his scoring average of just under nine points a game won’t set the world ablaze, he dished out four assists a game this past weekend while having a better than 2:1 assists-to-turnover ratio.  That could only help to draw notice from college coaches in Kansas City.

Notable Singe Game Performances:

Roger McFarlane: 14 points, 5 rebounds vs DC Premier

DeAngelo Elissee: 17 points, 8 rebounds vs. Team Thad

Skylar Wicks: 16 points, 4 rebounds vs. NY Gauchos

Roger McFarlane: 19 points, 5 rebounds vs. NY Gauchos

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