09 Jul 2024

2024 Miami Summer Hoops Festival Notables – Rpt I

Mikel Brown, Team Loaded: The 6’2 rising senior out of Overtime Elite in Georgia is a high-major prospect at the point guard position.  He is a high-level athlete that is very skilled as a scorer, shooter, passer, and ball-handler.  A three-level scorer, Brown drills shots behind the arc, has a dangerous floater and mid-range jumper inside it, and scores creatively through contact in traffic.  He is an accomplished distributor, especially via skip and cross-court passes to perimeter shooters when he penetrates the defense.  He works hard when guarding the basketball and anticipates the passing lanes well.

Sean Abaev, SOH Elite: The 6’7 rising senior wing from Fort Lauderdale Calvary Christian is arguably one of the top scorers nationally in the Class of 2025.  The lefty consistently drills perimeter shots on either side of the arc off the catch or bounce and having a hand in his face doesn’t seem to phase him in the slightest.  If played too close or the close-out is too aggressive, Abaev is quick to put the ball on the floor, challenge defenders at the rim, and score through contact or take a trip to the foul line.  He is a willing passer and active rebounder at both ends.  Abaev gives a good effort on the defensive end.

Gustavo Guimaraes, All Ball: A 6’11 rising senior at Miami Riviera Prep, Guimaraes is an accomplished rim protector and high-volume rebounder.  He makes teams think twice about attacking the basket and while not a leaper, does a good job of anticipating where the ball is coming off the rim and goes to get it.  Offensively, Guimaraes is still best at scoring via putbacks and lobs but showed a willingness to bang bodies in the post to get into position to score in the lane.  He is an improving athlete that continues to find ways to make his presence felt at both ends of the floor.

Max Ortega, Florida Pro: A 6’2 rising senior at Pembroke Pines Charter, Ortega proved to be a solid point guard that is advanced in his abilities to operate out of ball-screen action.  He doesn’t hurry, waits for the play to develop, and then more often than not picks the best option for a successful play.  Ortega also makes good decisions in transition and wise choices when it comes to pass vs. shot when driving to the basket in the half-court.  His jumper appeared reliable this weekend and he handled the ball well vs. pressure.

Aaron McGee, Team Breakdown: A 6’4 rising junior at Orlando West Oaks Academy, McGee is very skilled on the offensive end.  He makes deep threes and scores well off the bounce in traffic.  McGee is a very good athlete that is able to throw down vicious dunks when given the opportunity.  He is solid in his ability to handle and pass the basketball, is a willing distributor, and moves well without out the ball.  McGee’s size and athleticism serve him well on the defensive end.  He anticipates the passing lanes well, has good lateral movement when guarding the ball, and is smart when closing out on shooters.

Traveon Koch, Showtime Ballers: The 6’2 guard out of Specialty Fit Academy in Tampa was one of the bigger revelations of the weekend.  A very athletic guard that plays with great energy and intensity, Koch is difficult to keep out of the paint.  He can explode over bigger players and finish over the rim or convert body-twisting shots with great touch.  Koch explodes out of his dribble moves to blow by defenders and create havoc.  His perimeter shot appears to be reliable and while maybe not a great creator for his teammates at this stage, Koch seems to be a willing passer.  He is just as much of a problem on defense with his fast hands, quick feet, athleticism, and hard-nosed attitude.

Brendan Gerard, All Ball 16U: A 6’0 rising junior now at St. Andrew’s in Boca Raton, Gerard proved to be very clever with the ball which allowed him to create space for his accurate long-range shot.  It also allowed him to get past defenders and make plays for teammates as he has good court vision and distributes the ball on time and on target.  Gerard doesn’t fear contact when taking the ball to the basket.  Defensively he works hard, shows intelligence when playing away from the ball, and anticipates the passing lanes well.

Collin Paul, SOH Elite 16U: The 6’7 rising junior out of Fort Lauderdale Calvary Christian is a tough assignment.  He is aggressive and relentless in taking the ball to the basket, using spin moves and crossovers until he finds the space he needs to get his shot off.  Paul is a grab-and-go rebounder, quickly push the ball up the floor in transition and either finding a way to get all the way to the basket for a score or getting the ball to an open teammate with a better chance to put points on the board.  His perimeter shot, especially from behind the arc, continues to improve.  Defensively, Paul’s length and leaping ability makes him not only tough on the ball but also an effective shot blocker when in position.

Darius Black, Miami Suns: A 6’4 rising junior at Hialeah American, Black is strongly built and knows how to use his body effectively.  With a solid frame and quick, nimble feet, Black has good post moves and a soft touch in the lane.  He is also an effective passer from both the high and low post areas, alertly finding cutters in the lane and perimeter shooters for quality shots.  Black is a high-volume rebounder for his size but showed no issue with battling taller foes for missed shots this past weekend.

Tai Bell, SOH Elite 15U: A 6’2 incoming freshman at Mater Lakes Academy in Hialeah, Bell already has varsity experience under his belt and was one of Mater Lakes’ best players at the FABC event in June.  Regardless of his age, he is a productive player.  Bell shot the ball well from the perimeter this weekend, scored well on drives, and made good pass vs. shot decisions on the move with the ball.  He rebounds well for his size and puts in effort on the defensive end.


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