26 Jan 2022

Notables from Saturday at the Wally Keller Classic – Rpt I

Jaylen White, Fort Myers Southwest Florida Christian: The 6’1 senior is strong and tough to keep from the basket.  He earns a lot of “and one” opportunities and gets to the foul line on a regular basis.  On Saturday, he shot the ball well from inside the arc and off the catch from behind it.  White will drop the ball off to open teammates for good looks if the defense denies him his path to the basket.

Braylon Jackson, Oldsmar Christian: The 6’5 junior is wired to score.  The lefty will either slither through the defense to score at the basket or knock down perimeter jumpers with regularity.  He is also active on the offensive glass and converts at a high rate from the free-throw line.  Jackson will grab and go with a defensive rebound and if not stopped will finish above the rim.

Jason Jackson, Sarasota Riverview: The 6’4 junior impresses with his speed, quickness, and athleticism.  He easily converts lobs well above the rim and finishes with a flair at the basket in a crowd.  His perimeter shot continues to be a work in process but if he gets his feet set the shot goes down more often than not.  His physical gifts are a great attribute at the defensive end where covers a lot of ground quickly.

Ja’mier Jones, Sarasota Riverview: The 6’5 freshman has a very high ceiling but also an upper-level floor to start from.  He scored all of his 25 points at the basket or from the free throw line on Saturday.  He didn’t take any jump shots that we noted but his form is good at the foul line so there is hope there.  Jones is a high-level athlete, has a quick first step, and has excellent body control and touch around the rim.  He is also a very active offensive rebounder.

Isaiah Campbell-Finch, Tampa Catholic: We’ve come across several talented point guards in the 2025 Class and this 5’11 freshman is at or near the top of that particular list.  He plays with great pace and poise, has a high hoops IQ, and makes a lot of plays that lead to winning but don’t show up in the stat book.  A confident and accurate perimeter shooter, Campbell-Finch makes good shot vs. pass decisions when on the move with the ball.  He’s not afraid to challenge defenders at the rim and if he gets knocked down, will knock down his free throws.

Karter Knox, Tampa Catholic: The 6’5 sophomore already has a high national profile.  He most likely will not get as tall as older brother Kevin, but is an athletic slasher with a dangerous, albeit streaky, jumper.  What separates Knox from his contemporaries is his ability to create and knock down shots off the dribble from the perimeter as he did with his game-winner on Saturday.  He is also a quality rebounder at both ends and will willingly give up the ball to a teammate that has a better shot.

Kjei Parker, Bartow: The 6’0 junior was the Yellow Jackets’ most effective scoring threat on Saturday.  He is very good at creating space off the dribble to pop in a highly accurate mid-range shots and his effective shooting range extends well past the three-point line.  Parker may not blow opponents away with blinding speed and quickness, but his solid skill set and IQ more than compensate for any supposed physical shortcomings.

Mike Swift, Jacksonville Jackson: This may have been the 6’3 junior’s coming out party.  He made all four of his shots from beyond the arc, completed a three-point play, and pushed the ball up the floor at every opportunity.  Maybe just as noticeable was his intensity and focus in taking in what his coaches were telling him.  He didn’t whine to referees or make excuses; he just went out and “balled”.  It was refreshing to see a young player do that.

Jah Quinones, Orlando Lake Highland Prep: A 6’4 senior headed to Mercer in the fall, Quinones does a little bit of everything on the court.  While he may not have the “perfect” basketball body, he is subtly quick and gets wherever he needs to go on the court.  He is a solid scorer from the perimeter and finishes with either hand around the basket.  Quinones is a pass-first player as he looks to get and keep his teammates involved in the contest.  He is also a savvy defender that comes up with more than his share of 50/50 balls.

Brice Sensabaugh, Orlando Lake Highland Prep: A 6’6 senior already signed to THE Ohio State University, Sensabaugh has been terrorizing the scorer’s table all season long.  There have been rare occasions where he starts a game slow but eventually Sensabaugh will go on a sustained run that the defense can’t stop.  A four-level scorer, Sensabaugh makes contested jumpers well past the three-point line as well as he finishes craftily inside in a crowd.  The Highlanders are a good team, but Sensabaugh’s play this year has put them on a national map.

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