08 Jul 2021

Miami Summer Hoops Festival – Rpt III

Noah Cattan, DOR5 17U: The 6’3 rising senior out of Weston Cypress Bay puts pressure on the defense both in transition and half-court sets.  Cattan likes to push the pace and frequently attack the basket with the results often being a trip to the free throw line.  He is a reliable perimeter shooter and quick to get the ball into the hands of a teammate with a better scoring opportunity.  Cattan is also an active and alert defender, disrupting the passing lanes and scraping down on post players.

Dominic Gooden, PHS Elite: A 6’1 rising senior at PHS Academy in Tampa, Gooden is a scoring point guard that plays under control.  A reliable perimeter shooter, he also has shifty moves with which to get to and finish in a crowd at the basket.  Gooden generally makes good pass vs. shot decisions on the move and understands when to push the pace and when to pull back.

Maxwell Gordon, Rock United: A 5’10 rising senior also out of the Cypress Bay program, Gordon is a point guard in the classic sense.  He looks to set up teammates, moves the ball quickly, and makes good decisions on the move.  Gordon makes enough perimeter shots to warrant attention but he scores best when in transition or a lane opens up to the basket.  He is a tough on-ball defender and does a good job of jumping the passing lanes should the opponent toss careless passes into his area.

Sam Alexis, 1 Family 17U/16U: Currently a very young member of the 2022 Class, the 6’8 rising senior at Apopka flashed plenty of promise and potential at the Summer Hoops Festival.  His body and skills are rapidly developing.  Alexis plays hard at both ends, pursues rebounds and challenges shots.  Many of his points come on putbacks and in transition but he did show that he can step out to around fifteen feet and make unchallenged shots.

Jaiden Wynn, Tony Bradley Elite 17U: A 6’6 rising senior from 2x state champion Bartow, Wynn understands that playing hard is in itself a skill.  Long and athletic, Wynn is a bundle of energy that is productive.  He scores mainly by outworking the defense, getting plenty of putbacks, finishing lobs at the rim, and beating the opponent down the floor in transition.  Wynn rebounds out of his area and is quick to come over to challenge shots.  His offensive skills are improving.

Kion Callahan, Brevard Bulls 16U: A 6’5 rising junior out of Cocoa HS, Callahan is a tad undersized but plays bigger thanks to energy and athleticism.  He is very quick off the floor to snare rebounds and quickly converts offensive rebound opportunities.  Callahan is strong enough to battle bigger opponents on the interior but also long and quick enough to switch out on the perimeter should the situation arise.

Braylon Jackson, Team Breakdown 16U: The 6’4 rising junior from Durant in Tampa simply has an innate ability to manufacture points.  He connects on open perimeter shots and finishes in traffic around the basket with a great deal of body control and a soft touch.  Jackson is also a good ball-handler and rebounds well for his size.

Joel Harrison, 1 Family 16U: The 6’1 rising junior guard out of Tampa Carrollwood Day plays like he has been shot out of canon.  A terror in transition, he quickly converts from defense to offense.  Many of those transition points come after Harrison has forced a turnover or swiped the ball from the dribbler.  He shoots the ball from the perimeter just well enough to be a threat but is at his best when getting downhill.  Defensively he seems willing to take on any and all challengers.

Jacob Cottone, FL Sonics: A member of the Class of 2021, the 6’4 wing out of Lake Worth Spanish River was impressive with his perimeter shooting skills.  Whether off catch-and-shoot threes or mid-range pull-ups, Cottone was consistently on target.  He has a quick release and understands how to create space with his dribble to get off a shot.


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