09 Jul 2021

Miami Summer Hoops Festival – Rpt IV

Time to empty out the notebook on a very eventful Miami Summer Hoops Festival!

Tre Chaney, Tony Bradley Elite 17U: The 6’2 rising senior wing from Frostproof has been under the radar but made observers take notice this past weekend.  He is strong, athletic, and plays bigger than his size.  Chaney is more of a slasher than a shooter at this point in his development but his shot has good mechanics so his perimeter scoring will no doubt improve.  He is an alert and active defender that gets his hands on a lot of 50/50 balls.

Machli Fleurissant, Palm Beach Flames: A 6’4 rising senior from Port St. Lucie Treasure Coast, Fleurissant is a scorer that can heat up quickly.  He impressed this weekend with the ability to hit contested threes off the dribble or slither to the rim and score in traffic.  Fleurissant is also very good in the open court and active on the offensive glass.  He has the physical tools to make an impact on the defensive end.

Rolijah Hardy, Tony Bradley Elite 17U: The 6’2 rising junior out of Lakeland is a power guard playing up a level.  Despite what initially looks like a thick frame, Hardy is much quicker than he looks.  He is able to play either guard spot, has a soft shooting touch, and reads the defense to take the best available shot.  Hardy is a physical defender, getting his body on cutters and ball-handlers to keep them from getting where they want to go.

Tareeq Anderson, Palm Beach Flames: A 6’6 rising senior from Port St. Lucie Treasure Coast, Anderson is a long, bouncy athlete that is effective from fifteen feet and in as he can make jumpers or put the ball on the floor for a dribble or two and score inside.  He chases rebounds at both ends of the floor and challenges shots in the lane on defense.  Anderson is a productive player because he plays with great energy every possession and outworks his opponent.

Dylan Tulloch, Miami Suns: The rising 6’1 junior out of Miami Central impressed with his court vision, passing, ball-handling skills and decision making.  Tulloch came across as a good athlete and was solid on the defensive end.  He didn’t shoot any perimeter shots and didn’t try to force his way to points, so we hope to see him again to better assess his ability to score.

Michael Bradley, Miami DOR5 Elite: A rising 6’0 junior at Mater Academy in Miami, he’s been playing varsity since his eighth-grade year and continues to add new dimensions to his game.  Bradley has developed into much more than a catch-and-shot specialist.  With improved athleticism and finishing skills, he is tough to keep from the basket if overplayed for the perimeter shot.  If the defense backs off too much…well, ring it up as three points.

Braylon Burbridge, Tim Hardaway Jr. 15U: A 6’0 rising sophomore heading to Miami Palmetto in the fall, Burbridge is a volatile three-point shooter.  His range is deep and he frequently goes on runs of three, four, or more makes in succession.  Burbridge is surprisingly quick with the ball and when he penetrates the defense he usually does so with a plan in mind.  He makes good decisions on the move.  His athleticism and defense will continue to improve as his body matures and gets stronger.

Casey Ettiene, Bad Boys 15U: The 6’2 rising sophomore shows excellent potential and D-I coaches should start investigating sooner rather than later.  He has good speed, size, and quickness for the point guard spot.  Etienne handles the ball well, gets by defenders and scores in traffic through contact.  His outside shot is respectable now and should only get better.

Angelo Miranda, Tim Hardaway Jr. 15U: The 6’5 rising sophomore out of Miami Columbus gets a lot done in the paint.  He is quick to the ball coming off the rim, plays with great energy, and is an opportunistic scorer.  Miranda is strong enough to defend bigger players inside and quick enough laterally to keep up with smaller ball-handlers on the perimeter.  The coaches we talked with expect him to make a serious jump with his perimeter skills over the course of the summer.

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