30 Nov 2020

2020-21 Post-Perimeter Combos

Balance.  The legendary John Wooden stated this is one of the most important factors for basketball success.  With the right mix of interior scoring and outside shooting, teams can make it a long night for opposing defenses.  With that in mind, we look at some duos that should give opponents cause for concern.

Tallahassee Florida High

Inside: 6’8 SR Makai Willis  Outside: 6’6 JR Jaylen Martin

Willis is solidly-built and a good athlete.  He can finish with power above the rim, has a soft touch on hooks and jump shots in the lane, and is able to square up on the perimeter and either knock in shots or drive and score.  Martin will get points playing off of Willis, either by waiting on a return pass after sending the ball into the post or scoring when cutting to the basket.

Sarasota Riverview

Inside: 6’8 SR John Solomon  Outside: 6’3 SR Curtis Butler

Solomon returns to Riverview after spending a year in Arizona at a basketball academy.  He returned much more skillful, athletic and confident in what he can do on the court.  He scores well on post-ups and is effective as a roll man or jump shooter in ball-screen action.  Butler also transfers in.  He has deep range with his jumper but can also get by people and make plays at the basket.

Jacksonville Providence

Inside: 6’9 SR James Repass  Outside: 6’1 JR Jack Dillard

Repass is an old-school post player with a variety of moves and counter-moves that allow him to score with either hand around the rim.  He is becoming an offensive threat facing the basket and his jump shot out to fifteen feet is now a viable weapon for him.  Dillard has a quick release on his jumper.  When catching the ball on the wing, either in transition or when the offense is working from the inside out, he’s an accurate and dangerous shooter that the defense must keep tabs on.

Fort Lauderdale Westminster Academy

Inside: 6’8 SO Jaylen Carey  Outside: 6’5 SR Aiden Able

Because we think Carey will spend more time as a post option that highly regarded 6’10 junior teammate Ben Middlebrooks, he becomes the post option.  He is a good one too because of his solid footwork, soft hands, and array of scoring moves around the basket.  Able may be forced into the point guard role but he is at his best when he can catch and shoot.

Windermere Prep

Inside: 6’11 SR Elijah Hulsewe  Outside: 6’4 JR Jayden Williams

Hulsewe has improved considerably in the past year.  He is more confident, takes the ball stronger to the basket than before, and appears to score well with either hand.  Hulsewe presents a big target and doesn’t rush his moves inside.  Williams has come on strong over the course of the off-season.  He has a quick release and his range is well past the high school three point line.


Miami Brito Private: 6’7 JR Jesus Rivias, 5’11 JR Brandon Garcia

Fort Lauderdale Calvary Christian: 6’9 JR Taylor Hendricks, 6’4 JR Tyler Hendricks

Orlando Dr. Phillips: 6’9 JR Ernest Udeh, 6’3 JR Denzell Aberdeen

Hialeah Mater Lakes: 6’8 SR Craig Starks, 5’10 SO Jami Tejada/5’10 SO Anthony Floyd

Orlando Christian Prep: 6’9 SO Jayden Hastings, 6’0 SR Omar Figueroa

Pensacola: 6’7 SR Isaiah Gaines, 6’4 JR Caleb Young

Miami Riviera Prep: 6’7 SO Osmar Garcia-Arajuo, 5’10 JR Esteban Llubres

Boca Raton St. Andrew’s: 6’8 SR Bobby Stewart, 6’4 SR Devin Hines

Miami Westminster Christian: 6’8 SR James Henderson, 6’0 SR David Fernandez

Windermere: 6’8 SO Sean Stewart, 6’4 SR Kanye Jones




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