14 Mar 2023

Sunshine Circuit Session I: 2028 Top Performers

Written by SHN Special Contributor: Jerome Reed (RAWE Recruits)

In Gainesville, Florida, Session One of the Source Hoops “Sunshine Circuit” saw the next generation of young talent showcase their skills all weekend. The current seventh graders made sure that they made their presence felt on the hardwood. Check out my standouts from this event who are in the class of 2028.

Gavin Youmans – Swift Sports Only: Gavin’s jersey bore #1, but his favorite number has to be 15. Why? Because he scored 15 points in one half, in two consecutive games. This kid has a great frame for his age, and used that frame to help him finish tough and-one layups. Loved his willingness to rebound on both ends. Youmans played solid on-ball defense, while knowing when to initiate the offense on the other side of the floor. Swift has a gem in Gavin, no doubt.

Kyroe Jordan – Team Fly: So Kyroe actually played up on the 2027 Fly squad, but he is officially a part of the 2028 class. And honestly, he deserves to hoop with the older guys with how he showed up throughout the event. Another small-but-mighty guard, Jordan did an awesome job of taking it through the lane with no fear and strong finishes. Defensively, he’s stifling, especially during inbounds plays where he has the ability to force turnovers. Jordan also has range, he can hit the deep three. Excited to see what this kid’s future can turn into.

Jacques Edwards Jr – Gainesville Heat: Edwards seems like he has the potential to grow into a solid player at the two or the three. Not only did he prove he can hit the trey-ball, sinking three of them & finishing with 15 points in a win vs. Team F.A.M.U., but his arm length caused problems. Edwards was able to use that length to cheat passing gaps and earn some steals. Loved his ability to create chaos in the paint, defensively, and get ball-handlers to give up the rock. Solid player all-around at this stage of his life.

Anthony Rawls – Swift Sports Only: One of the smallest on the floor, but you wouldn’t know it by his energy, Anthony Rawls was ready to go from the opening tip of their first game on Saturday. Not only was he in the trenches, fighting on the offensive glass, but that effort earned him multiple putback opportunities and he finished with 17 points in a win vs. Team Fly because of it. He can step out and hit the three, and defensively, he showed great anticipation when trying to nab a steal.

G. Smith – Team Fly: Once smith caught fire, it was hard to put him out. A long-limbed guard, Smith scored 16 points in the second half of their first game of Saturday, hitting three deep-balls along the way. In the midrange area, he’s just as cold, and can drill the jumper over your head. In their second Saturday game, he showed that shooting prowess once again, scoring 10 points and hitting two threes. Looking at his body language on the sideline, he’s a hooper who is willing to take coaching, and really try to absorb what’s being taught in the moment. That’s something you want out of a young player.

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