20 Mar 2023


The High School season is over and the Travel Team Circuit will be heating up very, very soon.  Now is a good time for Source Hoops to dole out our annual End of Season Awards.  First up: Most Valuable Player.  Remember, we define the MVP as the person who was most prominent in leading his team to playoff success.


Greg Maxwell, Williston:  The Red Devils of Williston were on track to be competitive for a spot in Lakeland in 1A at the end of last season.  When Maxwell transferred in over the summer, the 6’2 senior took the team to another level.  He averaged just over 19 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists per game.  He impressed with his ability to come back from a subpar performance in the state semis to drop in 22 points and grab 8 steals in the 1A championship game.  Maxwell’s ability to score in a variety of ways on offense to go along with his ball-hawking abilities on defense gave the Red Devils an advantage in every game they played in the state’s smallest classification.


Tynan Becker, Weston Sagemont: Sagemont was a very balanced team, but the 6’7 Becker led the team in scoring at just over 14 points a game and also led the team in steals with just short of three per contest, showcasing his effectiveness at both ends of the floor.  He will no doubt be remembered for his title game performance, dropping in 25 points and going 6-13 from behind the arc in the process.  However, Becker has shown flashes of that ability since we first noticed him as a sophomore.  He also is a reliable ball-handler and passer on the perimeter and doesn’t mind playing physically on defense or when pursing rebounds.


Dante Allen, Miami Riviera Prep: Just a sophomore, the 6’4 Allen made great strides in his game this season and more than filled in for last year’s MVP, Esteban Lluberes.  Allen was consistent and efficient in games all season long.  Not only did he average over 21 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists, he had shooting splits of 61% from the floor, 49% from three-point range, and 78% from the foul line.  Allen played well against high-level competition during the season, nearly getting a triple-double in a win over Nevada state champ Durango and then tossing in 29 points against highly-regarded Westminster Academy in the Montverde Academy Invitational.  Allen consistently provided poise and production for Riviera Prep in its run to the state title.


Christian Reid, Hialeah Mater Lakes: Mater Lakes shoots a lot of threes per game, so someone has to chase down those misses.  Reid, a 6’5 junior, excelled in that role plus did much more.  He provided a post presence on offense, grabbed offensive rebounds and then quickly got the ball to open shooters for another three-point attempt or scored himself, and was a staunch defender in the paint.  Reid has improved a great deal from last season to this one.  He does a much better job of driving the ball and scoring and his perimeter shot improved with each game.  Maybe what makes Reid so valuable is his passion for rebounding.  He pursues missed shots like they could be last and only meal.  While the guards for Mater Lakes are certainly worth whatever accolades and notoriety they receive, Reid was the key piece to their season.


Javi Rosell, Miami Belen Jesuit: Jesuit put together a team that was fun to watch with both ball and player movement and an ability to make shots from deep.  Rosell, a 6’1 senior, made the most of his skills and abilities in that system. While his overall averages of 13.5 ppg, 4.5 rpg, and 5.7 apg don’t jump off the page, his play on the court catches everyone’s attention.  He shot the ball well from distance, is adept at getting the ball to teammates for open looks when driving to the hoop and plays bigger than his size when pursuing rebounds.  Rosell plays with a high hoops IQ and knows when, where, and how to take advantage of what the defense give him.


Mason Brown, Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer: Don’t judge the 6’7 senior by his stats in two games in Lakeland.  Over the course of the season, Brown led Dwyer in scoring with thirteen points a contest and proved to be a tough match-up night in and night out.  Strong and bouncy, he has the ability to play “bully ball” and score around the basket.  Brown shoots the ball well enough from the perimeter to force the defense to play him honestly out there.  He is capable of grabbing missed shots on defense and then pushing the ball up the floor and scoring on his own.  Brown’s leaping ability allowed him to be a rim protector on defense as well as step out and defend on the perimeter in guarding ball screens.


Cameron Boozer, Miami Columbus: The 6’9 sophomore is hailed by many “national experts” as not only the best prospect in the 2025 Class but nationally regardless of class.  Boozer is a double-double waiting to happen every time he steps on the court.  That double-double does not have to be points and rebounds; it could include blocks, steals, or assists as he is a fine passer, protects the rim without fouling and has great anticipation when the ball enters his area.  Boozer has a myriad of scoring tools as he can post up and posterize defenders, drive by bigger opponents from the perimeter or shoot over smaller ones.  Let’s hope he and twin brother Cayden play their entire high school careers for the Explorers.


Vuk Vukecevic, Kissimmee Central Pointe Christian: The 6’7 senior from Serbia put everyone on notice in the fall with his outside shooting ability at a few fall events.  Central Pointe had a rough go early in the season due to injuries and suspensions, but once everybody got back, the team got on a roll and picked up an SIAA state title.  Vukecevic’s outside shooting led the team to an upset of top-seed DME Academy in the semis and while the defense focused on taking his shot away in the title game, his teammates were able to take advantage of the opportunity.  No doubt he has some upgrades to make in other areas of his game, but in today’s version of basketball where a premium is placed on making shots from behind the arc, Vukecevic is a highly valuable commodity.

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