19 Apr 2024

Source Hoops Spring Tip-Off: Quality Unsigned Seniors

Recruiting the transfer portal is all the rage right now.  Consequently, some members of the 2024 Class are being overlooked.  For programs looking to build strong foundations, the following players showed great promise at The Spring Tip-Off and deserve a further look from all levels.

Brooklyn Vick, Showtime Ballers: A 6’0 senior at Boca Raton St. Andrew’s, Vick has elite speed and quickness with the basketball.  He puts great pressure on the defense with his ability to get by defenders and attack the basket, whether that be in transition or in half-court sets.

Misel Cruz, OBJA Elite: A 6’6 senior from the Academy of Central Florida in Orlando, Cruz is an athletic wing that scores well from the perimeter, be it via the jumper or drives to the basket.  He is an active rebounder at both ends, sprints the floor in transition, and is disruptive in the passing lanes.

Timo George, FOTL Gold: A 6’8 senior at Bradenton IMG Academy, George is strong with a hefty dose of athleticism.  He scores well around the basket, has a nose for the ball coming off the offensive glass, and excels in grabbing rebounds on the defensive end.  George has shown some ability to be successful stepping away from the lane and scoring with one to two dribble-drives and connecting from fifteen feet.

Joseph Washington, Team Breakdown: A 6’4 senior at Miami Dr. Krop, Washington is a very athletic wing that excels when the pace is up-tempo.  He finishes well at the rim in both transition and half-court sets.  Washington rebounds well for his size, covers a lot of ground quickly on the defensive end and does a good job of keeping opposing ball-handlers in front of him.

Sheldon Voyard, Team Breakdown: A 6’4 senior at Plantation High School, Voyard is very similar to teammate Washington when it comes to top-shelf athleticism, defensive tenacity, and the ability to get to and score at the basket.  Playing like he was shot out of a canon, Voyard is a frequent foul line visitor and makes the most of his opportunities.

Royal Blue, Team Breakdown: A 6’4 senior at Majorie Stoneman Douglas, Blue is well traveled but is creative when it comes to putting the ball in the basket.  He has deep range on his shot, a quick first step to the rim, and good body control to go along with a soft touch to complete plays through contact in traffic.  Blue is very athletic and an active rebounder at both ends.

Fredy Sylla, Austin Rivers Southeast Elite: A 6’6 senior at Jacksonville Potter’s House, Sylla is a wing that can do a little bit of everything.  He sees the floor, is a solid ball-handler and passer, and quickly gets the ball to open teammates for shots.  Sylla is more slasher than shooter but his perimeter shot still must be respected by defenders.  His length and footspeed make him a potential lockdown defender.

Kaiden White, Austin Rivers Southeast Elite: A 6’4 senior at Orlando Olympia, White is very effective at either guard spot.  He directs traffic on offense, locates open teammates and quickly gets them the ball, and is unfazed by defensive pressure.  White has scoring versatility as his perimeter shot is reliable and his ability to get past defenders, break down a defense and make good pass vs. shot decisions is high level.  He is an alert and active defender both on and off the ball.

Naryan Thomas, Gamespeed Elite: A 6’5 senior at Daytona Beach Mainland, Thomas is a tough matchup with his size and strength.  He overpowers the majority of defenders when attacking the basket but also has a reliable jumper on either side of the arc to keep them honest.  Thomas can run an offense if necessary, has good ball-skills, and rebounds well at both ends for his size.

Jacob Asamoni, No Way Out: A 5’10 senior at North Florida Educational Institute in Jacksonville, Asamoni was one of the quicker and more successful penetrators we saw all weekend.  He consistently got into the heart of the defense and either scored, went to the free throw line, or both.  Asamoni uses his speed and quickness well on defense to disrupt opponents.

Delvin Bell, No Way Out: A 6’0 senior at Jacksonville Paxson, Bell was one of the better shooters from distance.  He has a quick release to go along with range well past the college line.  He moves well without the ball and knows where to go to get open and be available to teammates for a quick assist.

Chanler Joseph, Team Speights: A 6’4 senior at Oakland Park Northeast, Joseph brings a great deal of versatility to the court.  He is effective at either guard spot with his ball skills, court vision, and scoring ability.  A good athlete with length and quick feet, Joseph is able to guard a multitude of positions.


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