13 Nov 2018


The Sunshine Independent Athletic Association (SIAA) held the first of three “Krossover Weekends” this past Friday and Saturday at DME Academy in Daytona Beach.  The Krossover is designed to matchup teams that would not otherwise play against each other as they are in different divisions within the SIAA.  There were some experimental rules for the Krossover: A 24-second shot clock rather than 30 seconds; nine minute quarters instead of eighteen minute halves; and fouls reset at the end of each quarter, with one-and-one occurring after the fifth foul and double bonus after the eighth in the quarter.  We preferred the 30 second clock as opposed to the 24 as the offensive execution was lacking more often than not.  The other experimental rules worked out very well.

Game 1: Oldsmar Christian vs. Jacksonville Potter’s House Academy

Potter’s House came in missing a pair of starters as 6’2 senior Marsei Caston and 6’4 junior Taelo Martin both had excused absences due to family issues.  That’s arguably Potter’s House’s two top players but it didn’t keep them from jumping out to an early 8-0 advantage on a young Oldsmar team with 5:30 left in the first.  Oldsmar actually outscored PH over the rest of the period to get within seven at 16-9 heading into the second quarter.  Oldsmar got to within six midway thru the quarter but by the time the halftime horn sounded, Potter’s House led by double-digits at 35-25.

Oldsmar opened the third quarter with a 12-0 run over the first 2:30 and led by two at 37-35, forcing a Potter’s House timeout.  That seemed to right the ship as PH got back on top by the score of 43-41 two minutes later.  Potter’s House got their margin to five at 54-49 heading into the final period.  Oldsmar was never able to get the margin down to less than two possessions and Potter’s House would win by the score 76-70.

Potter’s House was led by 6’7 senior Konstantine Datcenko with 17 points.  Both 6’4 junior Mayoum Mayoum and 6’0 senior Milan Harrison contributed 15 points while 6’6 junior Keano Calderon added 14 points and 6’7 senior Wheza Ponza put in 11 points.

For Oldsmar Christian, 6’5 junior Jadrian Tracey had a game high 20 points.  Jelal Williams, a 6’6 senior tossed in 11 points and 5’10 sophomore Ray Robinson added 11 points.

Game 2: Orlando Downey Christian vs. Orlando Inspire Academy

Despite being located ten miles apart, Downey and Inspire are in two separate divisions in the SIAA.  Neither team has the size that some of the other SIAA teams do, so this game would most certainly become an up-and-down affair dictated by the guards.  That is certainly how the first quarter played out as neither team could gain any type of advantage.  The lead changed hands several times in the first quarter and after one period Downey led by two at 15-13.  Downey’s lead was only one at 22-21 at the 5:30 mark in the second when they exploded offensively.  Julian Newman, a 5’9 junior, tossed in sixteen points in that period, giving Downey a 43-31 lead at the break.

Inspire slowly worked the margin down throughout the third period.  With 3:40 to play, it was only a six point game with Downey up 51-45.  Downey seized momentum at that point and finished the quarter up nine at 61-52.  In the final period, Inspire made one more run and got to within seven at 68-61 with four minutes left, but simply couldn’t hang on.  Downey would go on to win by double-digits, 79-65.

Downey was paced by Newman with a game-high 32 points.  Emmanuel Maldonado, a 6’1 sophomore, and Eduardo Peralta, a 6’5 senior, each tossed in 17 points.

Inspire was led by 6’1 junior Felipe Carter with 17 points.  Jabez Thomas, a 6’7 junior, added 12 points.

Daytona DME Academy vs. Clearwater Superior Collegiate

Superior got out to an early 16-9 lead thanks to some hot shooting from beyond the arc from 6’5 senior Rob Hardy.  DME responded with a hot shooter of its own, 6’3 senior Malcolm Farrington, and by the time both players cooled off to end the opening period, Superior led by one point at 24-23.  Superior again built a lead the second, leading by five at 37-32 with just under four minutes to play.  From that point until the half time horn, DME would outscore Superior 14-8 and take a one point lead of their own into the break.

The third quarter was just as competitive as the first two.  Neither team could maintain or grow a lead.  With one period to play, DME led by two at 61-59.  It was still anybody’s game midway thru the final period as DME led 76-73.  At that point, 6’8 sophomore Moussa Diabate started getting loose inside for baskets and offensive putbacks.  The fouls started to pile up for Superior as well and DME made the most of its free throw opportunities.  DME would outscore Superior 20-12 the rest of the quarter for a not-as-easy-as-it-looked 96-85 victory.

DME was led by Farrington with 26 points while Diabate added 23.  Cherif Kanoute, a 6’4 sophomore, had 14 points while 6’7 senir Vadim Clanet tallied 11 points and 6’0 senior guard Freddy Johnson finished with 10 points.

Superior was paced by 6’3 junior Khalil Shaheed with 19 points.  Godwin Iluimoka, a 6’5 junior had 18 points while 6’4 senior Eric Lee contributed 17 points.

Gainesville The Rock School vs. Bradenton Victory Rock Prep

With four starters returning from last season’s SIAA champion and the addition of 6’8 senior Zmife Nwokeji, a Florida State commitment, there were certain expectations from The Rock.  On the other hand, Victory Rock had a nearly new roster from last season, so they came in a complete unknown.  That might have helped them as VRP got out to a lead and maintained it throughout the first quarter.  Heading into the second period up 18-16, VRP put on an 11-2 run to give them a 29-18 lead with 3:25 left in the half.  After a timeout, The Rock completely turned things around.  Outscoring VRP 17-3 the rest of the quarter, The Rock carried a 35-32 lead into the third quarter.

The Rock’s dominance continued in the third and the team pushed its lead to nine at 46-37 with just over five minutes left in the period. VRP would gather itself together with a timeout and for the rest of the third played The Rock evenly.  The fourth quarter opened up with The Rock up 57-46 put VRP wasn’t done.  They put together a 14-6 run and with 4:30 left to play in the contest, it was anybody’s game at 63-60 in favor of The Rock.  The experience of The Rock would show in those final minutes as some unnecessary shots and miscues would keep VRP from getting any closer.  The Rock would go on to win by the score of 68-63.

The Rock was led by 6’9 sophomore Lynn Kidd with 18 points while 6’1 senior B.J. Greenlee added 12 points.

VRP was led by 6’7 freshman Prince Mosengo with 17 points while 6’2 senior Kolton Mitchell tallied 13 points.

Orlando West Oaks Academy vs. Kissimmee Central Pointe Academy

We got a detailed look at both squads a month ago at the Fall Festival and we were looking forward to seeing how Luis Rolon, a 6’1 junior for Central Pointe, would handle the pressure put on by the West Oaks defense.  Unfortunately, he was sidelined with an ankle injury and unable to play.  His absence didn’t affect Central Point, as they jumped out to a quick 7-2 lead and led 23-19 after one quarter of play.  West Oaks didn’t take a lead until 6:25 remained in the second quarter.  The Flame would slowly build its lead throughout the period and at the half was up six, 46-40.

West Oaks used its speed on both offense and defense to expand its lead in the third quarter.  A 9-2 run over the final four minutes of the period gave them a thirteen point lead at 64-51 heading into the fourth quarter.  In the final period, West Oaks appeared to take its foot off the gas a bit and Central Pointe took advantage.  With two minutes left to play, the score was 80-74; with a 24-second shot clock and three point shot, that lead was small.  However, Central Point had to start fouling when their three point attempts failed to fall.  West Oaks would hold them off from the free throw line and come away with an 88-74 win.

West Oaks was paced by 6’5 junior Selton Miguel with 27 points.  Jordan Smith, a 6’0 senior guard added 14 points while sophomores J.J. Harris and A.J. Neal added 13 and 12 points respectively.

For Central Pointe, 6’4 junior Victor Rosa paced them with 20 points.  Ramses Melendez, a 6’5 sophomore added 16 points while 6’9 junior Jonathan Aybar tallied 14 points.