22 Jun 2022

Saturday at FABC Team Camp – Wrap-Up

Our final thoughts from Bradenton Christian and this past weekend’s FABC Team Camp

Telario Pringle, Orlando Jones – The 6’0 junior guard was consistently on the attack at both ends of the court against both St. Pete High and Tampa Catholic Saturday morning.  Offensively he made some tough finishes in traffic around the basket and connected on a couple of perimeter shots.  Pringle also converts quickly from defense to offense, rather it be a missed shot or turnover.  Defensively, he has fast feet and active hands, is quick to trap and dig down on the ball, and generally is just a pest to anyone with the basketball in their hands on that end of the floor.

Kenneth Morgan, Tampa Catholic – At 6’6, a listed 200 pounds, and only an incoming high school freshman, Morgan makes this list more on potential than anything else.  While his court time was intermittent, Morgan showed a good amount of run/jump athleticism.  While we have him for just one bucket inside, a pair of rebounds, and one steal against Jones, those contributions aren’t bad in a game against a high-caliber opponent and a fast pace given his little playing time.  All Morgan needs now is some confidence and a commitment to developing his skill level to become an attractive recruit.

Braylon Burbridge, Miam Palmetto – The 6’1 junior seemed very content to let teammate Randy Smith have the game of a lifetime against Charlotte in the morning as he posted just one basket and a trio of assists.  Burbridge returned to his normal scoring role in a tight game against Seffner Christian later in the afternoon.  He went for fifteen points and five assists to help Palmetto earn a comeback win.  Burbridge has deep range on his shot, is a confident ball-handler, and though he has a scorer’s mentality, will gladly give up the ball to a teammate with a better shot.  He works hard in guarding the basketball on that end of the floor.

Kirby Schmitz, Punta Gorda Charlotte – The 6’7 senior is listed at 245 pounds but wears it well and knows how to use it.  He muscles his way to points inside, sets a solid screen, and rebounds his area.  Schmitz runs the floor well for a player his size and though not a sky walker by any means, he still challenges and changes shots around the basket.  We didn’t see much in the way of an ability to score when facing the basket but he made his free throws with good form and mechanics so one would think that could translate.

Ezekial Udorzorh, Tampa Brooks-DeBartolo – A 6’4 junior, it was just very, very hard to keep him away from the basket in the game we watched.  Bulldozing left-handed drives generally ended with a soft touch and a bucket.  Udorzorh routinely beat defenders down the floor for scores and he frequently came up with offensive rebounds and loose balls.  We don’t recall him taking a perimeter shot in the game but he was highly effective without it.  A good athlete with a strong frame, it wouldn’t surprise if football was his path to the next level.

Austin White, Tampa Durant – A 5’9 junior, he doesn’t look the part walking into the gym or in warm-ups.  However, once the ball goes up for real, White becomes “Kid Curry” with an ability to make shots from deep, execute the pick-and-roll, get past defenders and hit floaters over taller players and make enough instinctual plays on defense to frustrate opponents.  If you want a good example of how Steph Curry has impacted the game of basketball at all levels, White is what you are looking for.


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