29 Sep 2021

Prep Hoops 250 Expo – Rpt II

We continue our coverage of the Prep Hoops 250 Expo from this past Saturday at the Advent Field House in Winter Haven.

Isaac Celiscar, Winter Haven: A 6’6 sophomore, his game and his frame continue to grow.  He has improved his in-game perimeter shooting while not taking away from his effectiveness at driving to and scoring at the basket.  Long arms and quick leaping ability put Celiscar in possession of rebounds at both ends of the floor before opponents or teammates can get to the ball.  He has also improved as a playmaker with the ball.  He always seems to play hard regardless of time and score.  With his physical attributes, he is a multi-position defender.

John Gamble, Punta Gorda Charlotte: The 6’6 junior is a high-flyer and depending on your point of view is the most exciting player to watch in the state regardless of class.  His quickness, elevation and ability to simply get to the basket, soar over others and score is matched by very few.  He is now “the man” at Charlotte and a lot more than just NIL mix tape highlights will be expected and needed from him.  All the physical tools are there to be a terror on the defensive end.

Andrae Shaw, Lakeland Kathleen: A 6’6 senior, this long and lanky leaper was not part of his team’s “race track rotation” and maybe that was a good thing as it allowed his to show us a bit more of his overall skill set.  An active rebounder at both ends, Shaw was quick to score when given an opportunity around the basket.  He was quick to rebound, outlet the ball, and sprint the floor in transition.  Shaw has the wingspan and lateral quickness to defend a variety of positions on the court.

Tynan Becker, Weston Sagemont: The junior is listed at 6’7 but we think he’s more 6’5 ½, but that is quibbling.  Becker is a good combination of fundamentals and confidence, providing positive results on the court.  He has a textbook jump shot and also dribbles and passes the ball well.  He has range on his shot out to the arc, delivers passes with good touch and is a grab-and-go rebounder.  Becker is also an alert defender that anticipates the passing lanes well.  Now at Sagemont, he will be a key component as the school looks to challenge in Class 2A.

Chase Jenkins, Titusville: Coming out of the event, we thought the 6’4 senior was one of the more unique prospects in attendance.  With a long wingspan and high-level athletic ability, Jenkins was solid at either guard spot.  He impressed with his ability to make perimeter shots off the dribble as well as finish drives thru contact in traffic at the basket.  Jenkins made good decisions with the ball on the move and helped out in the rebounding department.  He proved to be a solid defender both on and off the ball, pressuring ball-handlers and causing havoc in the passing lanes.

Braylon Jackson, Plant City Durant: The 6’4 junior is simply wired to score.  He has lots of wiggle in his dribble to get to and score at the rim with either hand.  Jackson has excellent body control in the air and finishes creatively in traffic.  He gets a lot of old-fashioned three-point play opportunities and converts them at a high level.  His perimeter jumper can be streaky at times but it still must be respected by the defense.  Jackson is also a good rebounder and plays with a high energy level at both ends of the floor.

Kellan Lewis, Orlando Lake Highland Prep: The 6’0 sophomore is definitely a product of the Steph Curry era.  He has deep range on his shot and little conscience about his launch location but he gets positive results more often than not.  He is a solid ball-handler and distributor when placed in that role as he pushes the pace and generally makes good decisions with the ball in his hands.

(photo of Chase Jenkins courtesy of Prep Hoops Florida)

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