27 Jan 2022

Notables from Saturday at the Wally Keller Classic – Rpt II

Geoff Sprouse, Pembroke Pines Charter: The 6’0 senior probably doesn’t get enough recognition for his play.  Saturday was our first chance to see him play in nearly two years and he wowed with his ability to score the ball.  He has a quick release on his jumper and makes perimeter shots off both the catch and the dribble.  Sprouse is also quick to get past over-playing defenders and score at the basket.  He has active hands and feet of defense and frustrates opposing ball-handlers.

Kolby King, Pembroke Pines Charter: A 6’2 senior already signed with St. John’s of the Big East, King may have scored only ten points on Saturday, but those points seemed to either spark the team or come in big moments at the end of the game.  A dynamic defender, he uses his speed and quickness to force turnovers and catapult his team on scoring runs.  King is a good distributor on the move, can score in traffic on drives and is a respectable perimeter shooter.  He hit some clutch free throws on Saturday to maintain the Jaguars’ lead and preserve the victory.

Elijah Wyche, Pembroke Pines Charter: A 6’5 senior, Wyche seemingly plays on a pogo stick.  He does a great job of protecting the rim at his size, is a quick leaper to snatch rebounds, and finishes above the rim in transition as well as half-court sets.  When the pace slows down, Wyche can score on one or two-dribble drives and can knock down the open perimeter shot inside the arc.  While at this point he is a bit more athlete playing basketball than athletic basketball player, don’t be surprised when his skills catch up to his athleticism and he becomes a matchup nightmare on the court.

Ven-Allen Lubin, Orlando Christian Prep: The 6’7 senior is a Notre Dame signee and as usual had a productive and efficient game on Saturday.  He takes and makes what the defense gives him, usually scoring from fifteen feet and in, in transition, or finishing off missed shots on the offensive glass.  He has the ability to make perimeter shots but Lubin doesn’t try to force the issue.  An out-of-area rebounder and defender that can guard different positions, Lubin’s versatility should server him well at the next level.

A.J. Brown, Orlando Christian Prep: The 6’4 senior has signed with Ohio University and should be considered one of the best mid-major recruits in the country.  He excels at manufacturing points, both with his ability to penetrate the defense off the dribble or pop a shot from the perimeter.  Brown is tough to stop on the break and is an active offensive rebounder.  He length and lateral quickness make him tough to get by on the defensive end of the floor.

Tre Donaldson, Tallahassee FSU School: The 6’2 senior has signed with Auburn University where he is expected to play both football and basketball.  On the basketball court, he is a solid scoring point guard.  He has good handles and court vision but also an accurate perimeter shot and the ability to draw fouls when taking the ball hard to the hole.  His football mentality serves him well as he plays physical at both ends of the floor and more than welcomes contact.  Donaldson looks to get his teammates involved but when a bucket is needed, he knows what to do.

Breylin Garcia, Kissimmee Life Christian Academy: The 6’7 junior is at his best when he can operate inside the arc, whether it be down on the block, in the high post, or facing the basket in either short corner.  He has some basic scoring moves down low, a reliable shot to fifteen feet, and finishes strong at the basket after one or two dribbles.  Garcia is quick to secure rebounds and get the ball up the floor in transition.  There is some work to be done to expand his game to the perimeter but that should come sooner rather than later.

Elijah Duval, Stuart Martin County: The best way to describe the 6’2 sophomore is that he is a certifiable badass.  With a solid frame and lots of strength, Duval overpowers opponents at both ends of the floor.  He is a potent driver and finisher at the basket but also has a reliable shooting touch out to the three-point line.  Duval routinely out-battles bigger opponents for rebounds on both the offensive and defense ends.  Once he secures the defensive rebound, he is quick to push the ball up the floor in search of an easy transition basket.

John Gamble, Punta Gorda Charlotte: We’ve probably used this line before but there are athletic high flyers and then there is John Gamble.  The 6’6 junior has his picture by the Urban Dictionary’s definition of “Freaky Athlete”.  What’s more is that his skills are starting to catch up to his athletic ability.  He was 3-6 from beyond the arc on Saturday and while the shot isn’t exactly textbook, it’s the result that matters.  Gamble is becoming much better at handling the basketball, getting to and completing more plays at the basket off the bounce.  Defensively he covers a lot of ground quickly, anticipates well and is quick to turn steals into scores.

Alex Perry, Port Charlotte: It has been a while since we’ve seen the 6’6 senior.  While not much has changed, we still like his game quite a bit.  His perimeter shot is a bit unorthodox but it finds the target more often than not.  Perry has good ball skills and makes good reads and decisions on the move.  He has the ability to grab the ball off the defensive glass and push it up the floor on his own in transition.  Defensively he is active and doesn’t shy away from challenge, whether it is guarding bigs inside or smaller players on the perimeter.


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