30 May 2024

Florida Memorial Day Classic – Rpt II

Jayden Joseph, Team Breakdown: A 6’2 rising junior from West Oaks Academy in Orlando, Joseph displayed a wide variety of offensive skills this past weekend.  He connected on threes, both off the catch and the dribble, drove the ball aggressively for scores in transition as well as against a set defense, found teammates for easy shots, and made good pass vs shot decisions when the defense collapsed on him.  Joseph was active on the defensive end, harassing ball-handlers, jumping passing lanes and forcing mistakes by his opponent.

Nathan Kirk, SE Elite 3SSB 2026: A 6’0 rising junior out of Daytona Beach Mainland, we feel Kirk is one of the more underrated players in the 2026 Class.  He excels at getting to the basket and finishing creatively and consistently with either hand.  Kirk will score through contact and is a reliable free throw shooter.  A very good ball-handler and passer, he gets the ball to the right teammate at the right time where he can best use it.  Kirk’s perimeter shot continues to improve, forcing opponents to play him honestly for both the drive and the shot.  He is a dogged defender on the ball and makes his opponent work to initiate offense.

Aaron McGee, Team Breakdown: A 6’3 rising junior at Palm Bay, McGee is a high-level athlete with plenty of skill.  He finishes above the rim, takes and makes good shots from the perimeter, and has range on his jumper past the arc.  McGee is difficult to guard off the bounce because he can pull up quickly and connect from mid-range or use a variety of dribble moves to get all the way to the basket and score.  He is also a willing passer and looks to quickly move the ball up the floor or to open teammates for better shots.  Defensively he reads and reacts well, is quick to rotate into help position, and gets a lot of tips, deflections, and/or steals during the course of a contest.

Martay Barnes, SE Elite 3SSB 2026: A 6’1 rising sophomore out of Melbourne Holy Trinity, Barnes is playing up and excelling.  He is an athletic point guard that makes a lot of good things happen for his team.  Barnes pushes the pace, sees the floor well, and is a good passer.  He is solid with the ball vs. pressure and seemingly always has a plan when getting into the lane and facing a collapsing defense.  Barnes makes open shots on both sides of the arc and has become adept at creating his own shot.  He is a highly engaged defender, covers a lot of ground quickly, and uses his athleticism well to defend both on and off the ball.

O’Neal Delancey, Florida Rebels Gold: A 6’2 rising sophomore out of St. Petersburg Gibbs, Delancey normally plays with the Florida Rebels on the EYBL 15U circuit.  However, that group had already played their mandatory three EYBL sessions and took the weekend off.  Delancey, a true baller, played with this 15U group up two levels and had one of the better performances on Saturday.  He caught fire from deep, draining five threes over the course of the contest.  Delancey also proved to be a highly athletic finisher around the basket and made some passes that indicated he could run the point full-time in the future.  Long with active hands and feet, he has a great deal of defensive potential.

Johnny Lackaff, SE Elite 3SSB 2027: A 6’1 rising sophomore from Sarasota High School, Lackaff is a quality shooter that is able to manufacture his own shot off the bounce, with or without ball-screens.  He has deep range, a quick release, and is adept at reading defenders and knowing when to launch and when to drive the ball to the basket.  Lackaff has a solid frame, good athleticism, and uses both to draw fouls and earn trips to the line, where he connects at a high rate.  A good ball-handler and passer, he generally makes good decisions with the ball and can play either guard spot.  Defensively he plays physically without fouling.

Kevin Edou, Florida Rebels Gold: A 6’3 rising sophomore at Orlando Cypress Creek, Edou is a lengthy athlete that brings a lot of energy and checks a lot of boxes.  On Saturday, he hit a three, had a steal and assist, scored from mid-range off the dribble, rebounded his own block, and made other positive plays that don’t show up in the box score.  Right now, Edou doesn’t have a defined position; he is just a player that you wind up, put out on the court, and have him make plays.  As his game gains experience and his skills get more refined, Edou will be one to watch.

Exance Muambe, SE Elite 3SSB 2027: A 6’7 rising sophomore from Lakeland Jordan Christian, our understanding is that Muambe arrived just a couple of weeks ago from his native Senegal.  He has a great frame, is very athletic, and makes the most of his physical gifts at both ends of the floor.  Right now, he is an opportunistic scorer as he gets his points mostly in transition and on offensive putbacks.  Defensively he pursues rebounds and looks to block shots out of his area.  Granted, there is a lot to learn and some basic mistakes will have to be lived with for a bit, but Muambe’s potential is as high as anybody that played a game this past weekend.


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