24 Jun 2024

2024 FABC Conrad Foss Live Period Showcase: Session One Day Three

The final day of the FABC Conrad Foss Live Period Showcase continued with the same high-quality basketball as the first two days.  While we could only stay for four of six games of the day, we still saw more than enough to break out some nuggets of knowledge.

Fort Myers Gateway Charter 62, Clearwater Calvary Christian 51

We were interested in seeing Gateway Charter this session and this was our best opportunity despite the 8:30AM start time.  Gateway got out early, only to have Calvary comeback to within striking distance with a few minutes left in the contest.  Gateway made a final push to seal the win.  Patrick Johnson, a 6’8 rising senior, led the team with 20 points in the contest.

Ponte Vedra 57, Hollywood Chaminade 55, Sudden Death

We hadn’t planned to watch this one but when a player we wanted to see wasn’t available, this game was the best matchup of teams for the time period.  It proved to be a tight affair throughout as Ponte Vedra held a one or two possession lead the entire game before Chaminade made a rally at the end to tie the game at 53-53.  Each team scored one basket in the one-minute OT period, leading to sudden death where the first team to score wins.  That team was Ponte Vedra as 6’3 rising junior David Sanchez-Barrera knocked down a mid-range jumper just a few seconds into the possession.

Windermere Prep 61, Winter Haven 56

This game was close throughout and only at the end did Windermere Prep pull out a victory.  Neither team had their high-profile “big”, 7’0 rising junior Sinan Huan for Windermere Prep and 6’8 rising senior Zay Mosley for Winter Haven.  That probably speed the game up and allowed the perimeter players to show what they can do with more space on the floor.  Brandon Bass, a 6’4 rising junior at Windermere Prep, led the team with 23 points.

Fort Lauderdale Stranahan 62, Bartow 57

You have to love matchups like this where both teams are active and aggressive at both ends of the court.  Stranahan got out to a 34-30 lead at the break and was able to hold off multiple Bartow runs in the second half to get the win.  Once again, 6’4 rising junior Christian Yeargin led Stranahan, this time with 17 points.

Player of the Day:  Our pick for today is Patrick Johnson of Gateway Charter.  The 6’8 rising senior is active and athletic, pursuing rebounds out of his area, getting quick putbacks, and running the floor for scores.

Surprise of the Day: Eric Dailey, a 6’1 rising senior at Winter Haven, was very impressive in his shot-making ability against Windermere Prep.  He was stroking it from deep and well as in the mid-range, both off the catch and the dribble.

Old Faces in New Places: We knew this was coming, but Gio Easley, a 6’0 rising senior, has made his way crosstown from Fort Myers Cypress Lake to Gateway Charter.  He will serve the team very well at the point guard spot, creating opportunities for the likes of 6’8 rising senior Patrick Johnson on the inside and both 6’3 rising senior Myles Jones and 6’1 rising senior Trey Fogle on the perimeter.

Notable Newcomer: L.J. Byrd, a 6’4 incoming freshman, played well in his limited minutes for Windermere Prep.  He played with confidence and poise against a big-time opponent and produced when his number was called.  A couple of strong drives and an “and one” finish inside piqued our interest.



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