06 Nov 2020

Freshman-Sophomore Elite Academy – Rpt V

Ta’Veon Jones, Orlando Central Florida Christian Academy: The 5’5 freshman is a fun player to watch.  He may be small but he is physical and plays with swagger.  Jones has high-level handles, is very quick to the basket, and scores creatively at the rim.  He also displayed a consistent shot out to the three-point arc.  Tough and fearless, he sets the tone for teammates to follow.

Caleb Williams, Jacksonville Ribault: The 6’0 freshman was a pleasant surprise on Saturday.  He willingly embraced the point guard role, got his teammates involved and set them up for open shot attempts.  Very quick with the ball, Williams consistently got into the defense and made good decisions on the move.  He scored when the opportunity presented itself but didn’t force the issue.  Williams also looked to pressure the ball at every opportunity when on defense.

Kjei Parker, Bartow: The more we watch the 6’1 sophomore the more there is to like.  At times, Parker made the game look very easy.  He has advanced skills and basketball IQ for a player his age and has an all-around game.  He scores well on drives as well as perimeter jump shots, handles the ball well vs. pressure, and is a competent rebounder and defender.  Parker can play either guard spot and fills the role of facilitator or scorer with great success.

Camerin James, Leesburg: The 6’5 sophomore punished the rims all day on Saturday.  Strong and athletic, James consistently found himself ahead of the defense to score with flair and force.  He is difficult to stop when he gets a head of steam going to the basket.  James has the ability to control the glass at both ends of the floor.  If James becomes a consistent perimeter jump shooter, his stock skyrockets.

Ameer Ramadan, Orlando Christian Prep: The 5’11 freshman impressed us at an earlier event with a consistent jumper out to the arc.  This time around, Ramadan showcased his ability to attack defenses with the dribble and finish in a crowd at the basket.  He rarely forced the issue and generally made good pass vs. shot decisions on his drives.  Defensively he moves his feet well and puts in the work to force his opponent to give up the ball.

Malik Raines, Lake Mary: The 5’8 sophomore was one of our favorite players of the day.  Built stocky and strong, we wouldn’t be surprised if Raines was a gridiron standout.  He has great command of his dribble, quickly gets to wherever he wants to go with the ball and understands how to use his strength and speed to create space.  Raines finished with flair at the basket but also proved to be an effective shooter from the perimeter.  He brings that same toughness to the defensive end where he moves his feet quickly to harass the dribbler and anticipates the passing lanes well.

Jayden Hastings, Orlando Christian Prep: The 6’9 sophomore was one of the top prospects in attendance and arguably had the most potential.  He controls the lane as a shot blocker and rebounder, runs the floor well, and has some solid scoring skills in the post.  Athletic and with a good frame, Hastings can outmuscle smaller defenders or out-finesse bigger ones.  We also were impressed with his ability and willingness to communicate verbally to his teammates on defense.



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