20 Jul 2023

Florida Showdown Notables – Rpt II

Lyrique Sartin, XPC Elite 17U: A 5’11 rising junior at Tampa Brooks-DeBartolo, Sartin focused on distributing the basketball to get his teammates involved early on.  As the team’s lead grew, Sartin went ahead and got a few buckets of his own.  He got to the rim and scored frequently and later began to connect on his perimeter shot.  Sartin handles the ball well vs pressure and consistently surveys the court to make the right play.  Quick feet and active hands make him solid on the defensive end.

Haven Francis, Tally Thunder 17U: A 6’2 rising senior out of Jefferson County in Monticello, Francis proved to be a tough player to contain on the offensive end.  He has a strong frame and uses it to overpower defenders on drives to the hoop.  When the defense backed off, Francis showed he could knock down shots behind the arc.  He plays with a toughness and grit that allows him to make an impact on the offensive glass.

Tristan Brooks, Yo Nation 16U: A 6’1 rising junior out of Trinity in Shady Hill, Texas, Brooks consistently got into the lane and made plays.  He scored well at the rim with some crafty finishes and had many “and one” opportunities during the game.  Lithe and quick, Brooks instinctively knows when his defender is off-balance and jet to the bucket.  He only took a few perimeter shots in the contest but he hit the majority of them.  Defensively he is very active off the ball and anticipates the passing lanes well.

Jayden Wilson, MDBA 17U: A 6’2 rising junior headed to Orlando Southeastern Prep, Wilson doesn’t really have a defined position; he just goes out there and makes whatever plays necessary to win ball games.  He rebounded well against bigger players inside, found teammates for baskets around the rim, and showed off an accurate floater in the lane.  Wilson made perimeter jump shots on both sides of the arc and made good shot vs. pass decisions when driving to the basket.

Gavin Tinsley, XPC Elite 17U: A 6’7 rising junior at Riverview Bell Creek Academy, Tinsley put in a solid effort around the basket at both ends of the court.  A quick leaper, he put down lobs and offensive rebounds before the defense could react.  Tinsley was always prepared to catch the ball from driving teammates, usually scoring or taking a trip to the foul line.  Defensively he rebounded his area, was quick to outlet the ball and run the floor, and challenged shots by intruders into the lane.

Kai Boykins, Team Gritty 17U: A 5’9 rising sophomore at Winthrop College Prep in Riverview, Boykins was completely unfazed playing up a couple of levels.  He is speedy with the ball, carving thru the defense and finding teammates for open shots.  As if that weren’t enough, Boykins proved to be a reliable perimeter shooter, knocking down shots off both the dribble and the catch.  He uses his speed and quickness well on the defensive end, harassing dribblers and quickly getting into and disrupting the passing lanes.

Terran Brown, Yo Nation 16U: A 6’8 rising sophomore from Hampton Prep in Dallas, Texas, Brown gets noted more for what he COULD be.  Long but athletic and still getting used to his size, he runs the floor well, protects the rim on defense, rebounds out of his area, and puts back misses by teammates on the offensive end.  We were impressed with his “stick-to-it-tiveness” when came to offensive rebounds and getting the ball into the basket.  With three more years of high school basketball left, Brown has a high ceiling.

Jadus Sorhaindo, XPC Elite 16U: A burly 6’7 rising freshman at Tampa Berkeley Prep, Sorhaindo continues to impress this summer.  He posts up strong and has a nice touch around the rim.  Sorhaindo pursues rebounds out of his area at both ends of the floor.  He is quick to put back teammates’ misses and is beginning to show the ability to push the ball up the floor once in possession of an opponent’s miss.  Sorhaindo is a solid athlete for a player his size and age.  It won’t surprise if sooner rather than later he expands his game to the perimeter to become a matchup problem on a nightly basis.


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