27 Jun 2023

FABC Team Camp – Session II: Rpt I

The Florida Association of Basketball Coaches (FABC) returned to Gainesville this past weekend for Session II of the Conrad Foss Live Period Showcase/FABC Team Camp.  Session I last weekend was great but it was just an appetizer to set up the main course that was Session II.  College coaches from all over the country from various levels attended.  For a first year event, it was a buzzer beating bucket game winner.

Lloyd “Boosie” Swan, Miami True North Classical: The 5’10 rising sophomore may be a bit small but he is speedy and strong.  He knocked down three-pointers off the catch, using a step-back dribble, and coming off ball-screens.  In the contest we watched, Swan put back four offensive rebounds, something guards his size just don’t normally do.  He got a lot of paint touches and quickly got the ball out to three-point shooters before the defense could recover.

Chandler Joseph, Fort Lauderdale Northeast: A 6’5 rising senior, Joseph has the ability to productively play either guard spot.  He has good size, ball-handling skills and court vision.  Joseph made some deep threes off the catch and proved to be an effective straight-line driver and finisher at the basket.  His long wing span proved useful in disrupting the passing lanes on defense.

Dante Allen, Miami Riviera Prep: The 6’4 rising junior struggled with his offense Friday night until he drilled a smooth pull-up jumper from deep just before the final horn to give his team the win.  Allen’s offensive struggles didn’t negatively impact the rest of his game.  He rebounds as well as any guard you will find, is alert and active on the defensive end, and plays unselfishly on offense.  Allen is highly skilled with a very high basketball IQ.

Jayden Joseph, Hialeah Mater Lakes: A 6’2 rising sophomore, Joseph had a bit of a rough outing the first game of the day Saturday but it is easy to see his potential and why he is so highly regarded at this stage of his development.  He is athletic, quick, and fearless at both ends of the court.  Joseph did a great job of getting downhill against the defense and he will finish those forays more often as he gains strength and experience.  His shot is solid in its form and fundamentals.  Defensively, he moves his feet well, has active hands, and does a good job of staying in front of opposing ball-handlers.

Christian Reid, Hialeah Mater Lakes: A 6’5 rising senior, Reid plays bigger than his size and always gives uber-effort.  He is strong, bouncy, and scores well around the basket.  Reid is swift up and down the floor, is active on the glass at both ends, and can bang inside on defense as well as switch out on ball-screens and guard perimeter players.  His offensive skills continue to improve as he has become more adept at changing directions with his dribble to get to the basket and score.

Anthony Knowles, Hialeah Mater Lakes: A 6’0 rising junior, Knowles is solid with the basketball and capably scores from all three levels.  He has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble and makes good pass vs. shot decisions when driving to the basket.  Knowles has a solid frame and comes away with more than his fair share of offensive rebounds.  Defensively he moves his feet well and makes life difficult for his opponent.

Kayden Johnson, Stuart Martin County: A 6’3 rising sophomore, Johnson played a lot of point guard in the game we watched but seems better suited to being freed up to slash and attack the basket.  He is quite strong, finishes in traffic, and earns a lot of trips to the foul line.  Johnson’s perimeter shot is a bit of a question mark as he didn’t attempt any in the game we watched. However, his free throw form and shot is good which gives us hope.  Johnson is a rugged defender, using his strength to keep opponents from the basket and battling bigger foes for rebounds.

Jeremy Elyzee, Pembroke Pines Charter: The 6’7 rising senior has a high ceiling thanks to his length, athleticism, and solid skill set.  A grab and go rebounder, Elyzee pushes the ball up the floor and at his size sees over the defense to get the ball where it needs to go.  He is quick to the basket and will score better as he physically matures and gains strength.  Elyzee makes enough perimeter shots to be dangerous to the defense.  His physical attributes allow him to defend a variety of players and positions on the court.

Josh Harris, Pembroke Pines Charter: The 6’8 rising senior was one of the better surprises of the weekend.  He started out scoring inside on post-ups, cuts to the rim, and short drives.  Harris later stepped out on the perimeter and showed he could knock down shots behind the arc with consistency.  He did a good job of rebounding in traffic and playing physical defense without fouling inside.

Ramez Zayed, Coral Glades: A 6’1 rising senior, Zayed is a steady guard that gets his teammates involved.  He sees the floor well, is quick to get the ball to open teammates, and has the ability to finish creatively in a crowd.  Zayed rebounds well for his size and pushes the pace.  He is a very active defender that gets a lot of tips and deflections.

Matthew Curprew-Elsy, Coral Glades: The 6’4 rising senior is a big guard that does a lot of the little things to win ball games.  He is tough on the glass, makes the extra-pass, and makes good decisions with the ball.  More of an opportunistic scorer, Curprew-Elsy runs the floor, moves without the ball, and makes open perimeter shots.  He is a tough on-ball defender and communicates well on that end of the floor when off the ball.

Gabe Grimsley, Tampa Berkeley Prep: The 5’11 rising freshman played varsity last season as an eighth grader and caught our attention.  He’s gotten a bit taller but is still very quick and does a good job of running the offense.  Grimsely shoots the ball well from the perimeter and is alert to get the ball to open cutters and shooters when driving to the basket.  He works hard defensively, using quick feet and active hands to overcome a slight frame.


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