27 Jun 2023

FABC Team Camp – Session II: Rpt II

Pavle Djeric, Coconut Creek North Broward Prep: A 6’7 rising junior, Djeric shot the ball very well from deep in the game we took in, knocking down five in a row before missing his last two.  He is always shot-ready, quick to get his feet set, and has no wasted motion to his shot.  Djeric will sneak in for rebounds and is quick to move the ball when he doesn’t have a play.  He works hard on the defensive end to maintain position.

Enrico Borio, Coconut Creek North Broward Prep: A 6’8 rising senior, Borio does a great deal of damage from fifteen feet and in.  He handles and passes the ball well, scoring on drives from the high post and short corners.  Borio gets the ball quickly to cutters when on the perimeter and out to open shooters when down in the post.  When he is on the block he displays good footwork, a couple of reliable moves and counters, and a soft touch with either hand.  Borio sprints the court in transition, rebounds in a crowd, and is physical on the defensive end.

Marcus Allen, Miami Norland: Welcome back! The 6’7 and top one hundred rising senior returns from a stint at an Arizona academy much more skilled and confident in those new skills.  Allen showed an ability to score from all three levels as he scored at the basket on quick drives, hit pull-ups inside the arc, and jumpers out to the college three-point line.  He’s become a playmaker from a point-forward position, facilitating the offense from the wing or as a grab-and-go rebounder on the break.  Versatile defensively, Allen can and will guard one thru five in a game depending on the matchup situation.

Tristan Wilson, Miami Norland: The 6’6 rising senior has good size to play on the perimeter and consistent deep shooting range for the collegiate level.  He’s a sneaky driver when overplayed and scores well on a step-through move when he gets near the hoop.  Wilson is an unselfish player that will give up a good shot to get a teammate a better shot.  He’s got some length and athleticism to him, which he puts to good use on the defensive end.

Ryan Blount, Rockledge: The rising 6’6 senior had a very slow first half of a game on Saturday night but he EXPLODED in the second half.  He hit multiple threes in succession. He scored on drives.  He forced turnovers and turned those into points.  He ran the floor.  He rebounded at both ends. He dropped dimes. It was one of the more impressive performances we saw either weekend.  While we don’t expect that type of performance every time out for Blount, he is now on record and his bar is higher.

Alex Lloyd, Fort Lauderdale Westminster Academy: A 6’4 rising junior, Lloyd is highly skilled, highly talented and should be rated higher than he is by the “national experts”.  He is a great combination of slashing scorer and accurate marksman from the perimeter on both sides of the arc.  In short, he is a creative scorer from all three levels.  Lloyd is a competent point guard should he be thrust into that role as he has very good ball-handling and passing skills.  He has excellent defensive instincts and one can usually count on at least one time per game Lloyd will shoot thru the passing lane, get a steal, then throw down a finish with flair.

Jerimiah Police, Fort Lauderdale Westminster Academy: A 6’6 rising senior, Police plays hard and makes the most of his opportunities.  He is more of a slasher than shooter right now but his perimeter shot continues to improve.  Police is a capable ball-handler, rebounds, and runs the floor.  He is an active defender that moves his feet well and guards different positions.

Dwayne Wimbley, Jr., Fort Lauderdale Westminster Academy: A 6’6 rising junior, Wimbley is an energizer that makes things happen for his team at both ends of the floor.  He attacks the basket, both in transition and against set defenses, and finishes in a crowd.  Wimbley is quick to grab defensive rebounds and burst thru the pack to push the ball up the court and start the break.  He has a hefty dose of run/jump athleticism and uses it well on defense.  Wimbley does a lot of the little things and dirty work that don’t show up in box scores but lead to wins.

Alex Constanza, Fort Lauderdale Westminster Academy: A 6’8 rising sophomore, Constanza played a lot on the ball and in the point guard role.  He is a very smooth player and plays harder than it looks.  Constanza is a very good perimeter shooter with range well past the high school line.  Should the opportunity arise, he does a good job of finishing drives and in transition at the rim.  His taste for rebounding and defense will improve with time.

Isaac Celiscar, Winter Haven: A 6’6 rising senior, Celiscar is very unselfish and could probably score more if he needed or wanted to.  He scores primarily in transition, on cuts to the rim, and via putting back teammates’ misses.  Celiscar sees the floor well, finds open teammates when driving to the basket, and throws soft, catchable passes.  He rebounds well at both ends and defensively is very versatile.

Jamie Phillips, Winter Haven: A 6’5 rising senior, Phillips is a unique player.  His physical appearance screams football but he is a big-bodied point guard with a very high basketball IQ.  Phillips has a great feel for the game, excellent court vision, and the ability to create for himself and others.  He scores very well from mid-range as he excels at creating separation from his defender.  Phillips has a consistent shooting range to the arc and the ability to take smaller players into the post and score.  He is an alert defender that anticipates the passing lanes and gets plenty of tips, deflections and strips during the contest.

Jesse Nimmo, Winter Haven: A 6’7 rising senior, Nimmo is a highly regarded perimeter shooter but showed this past weekend he can do so much more.  He had plenty of drives that finished with points, free throws, or both.  Nimmo is part of Japan’s national program and it won’t surprise to see him play for the team in the Olympics one day.  He’s long and lean but is an active rebounder and defender.

Zay Mosley, Winter Haven: A 6’6 rising junior, Mosley is a tough interior player that rebounds, runs the floor, and scores in a crowd around the basket.  He finishes lobs and offensive rebounds around the rim, has a nice jump hook in the lane, and is quick to get the ball out to shooters should the double-team come down low.  He leaps well and changes/challenges shots on the defensive end.  As his skills progress, Mosley’s recruiting profile will progress as well.



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