21 Jun 2021

FABC Team Camp – Rpt I

We took in the Florida Association of Basketball Coaches (FABC) Team Camp this past Saturday.  With nearly ninety teams in attendance, the event was spread out over several venues in Bradenton but was headquartered at Bradenton Christian School.  BCS has a truly outstanding four court facility with several amenities and it was an ideal place to hold such an event.  Over the next few days we will highlight those players that most impressed and should get some looks next month when D-I college coaches are back out on the road after a nearly two year hiatus.

Jah Nze, Oviedo Hagerty – The 6’2 senior wing dropped 42(!) in the second of the team’s three games on Saturday and followed that up with a 32-point performance one game later in the evening.  A prolific three-point shooter, Nze moves well without the ball, has a quick release, and can knock down the shot off the dribble.  Combining a strong body with a soft touch at the rim, he consistently finishes off drives and cuts into the lane.  Nze is also near-automatic at the foul line.

Jaylin Martin, Tallahassee Florida State University School: The 6’6 senior wing is a versatile player that can score, pass, rebound and defend.  Martin is a multi-level scorer with range past the arc, a solid pull-up game in the lane and the ability to complete tough shots at the basket.  He is a solid ball-handler that makes good pass vs. shot decisions when driving to the basket.  Martin is an alert defender and uses his instincts, long arms, and ability to anticipate where the ball is going to come up with many tips, deflections, and steals during a game.

Trent Scott, Tampa Alonso: A 6’2 senior combo guard, Scott does a bit of everything.  He generally finishes well with either hand at the basket and has a solid pull-up game inside the arc.  Scott has solid handles and is a good passer/decision maker when heading to the basket.  While his three-point shot didn’t fall as often was we have seen, everything about the shot is pure textbook.  Scott defended a variety of positions on Saturday, guarding everyone from point guards to post players, and was for the most part successful.

Anthony Robinson, Tallahassee Florida State University School: The 6’1 junior point guard always seems to play under control and with great pace.  He is a solid scorer with a reliable outside shot but also quick to the basket and a smart decision maker on the move.  Robinson shines as a defender, both on and off the ball.  He has quick feet, long arms, and active hands to keep the ball-handler from initiating offense and off the ball he anticipates well, is alert to double-team, and is disruptive in the passing lanes.

Derek Mitchell, St. Petersburg HS: The 6’5 senior wing is athletic, long, and plays with great energy.  Mitchell proved to be a tough scorer on drives to the basket and showed he will make open perimeter shots if the path to the basket is blocked.  Active on the glass at both ends of the court, Mitchell got several easy points on putbacks, including a couple of throwdowns that drew emotion from the fans.  Defensively he will challenge any position.

Tre Donaldson, Tallahassee Florida State University School: The 6’2 senior point guard is a two-sport standout that has several high major football offers.  Donaldson plans to play both sports in college and certainly looks like he could do so on the high major level.  He is very effective at getting to and scoring at the rim.  Donaldson connects on open shots from the perimeter, has good court vision and delivers the ball on time and on target to teammates.  He plays with a great deal of passion and emotion, getting the best out of himself and his teammates.

Mark Flakus, Jacksonville Episcopal School: The 6’1 senior point guard, a North Florida commit, played with a great deal of energy and did a little bit of everything in the final game on Saturday.  Setting the tone at both ends of the floor, Flakus created open shots for teammates, scored from the perimeter and in the paint when the opportunity presented itself, got on the glass and was disruptive in the passing lanes on the defensive end.  An intelligent player, Flakus can be put at any position on the floor and make an impact.

Noah Kattan, Weston Cypress Bay: The 6’3 senior point guard is both fast and quick with the basketball.  He reads the floor well and gets the ball to teammates where they can best use it.  Kattan has three-point range on his shot, takes the ball quick and strong to the basket when the opportunity presents itself, and has the ability to finish with either hand.  Playing with a high energy level, he is a catalyst at both ends of the court.



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