23 Sep 2019

FABC Fall Showcase

The Florida Association of Basketball Coaches (FABC) held their Fall Showcase this past weekend at IMG Academy in Bradenton.  Thirty-seven teams took part in the two day event and it was a solid first-year showing.

Dillon Mitchell, Tampa Sickles: The 6’7 sophomore lefty had a breakout summer and was certainly impressive on Saturday.  He’s a very good athlete with length, an active rebounder at both ends of the court, and a solid ball-handler and passer, both in transition and in half-court sets.  Mitchell was at his best offensively when he attacked the basket on the break or with one/two dribble drives inside the arc.

Keon Buckley, Bradenton Lakewood Ranch: The 6’0 senior had a sub-par first half against Sickles in the first game of the day but more than made up for it with his play in the second half to get the team a come-from-behind win.  Buckley found his shooting rhythm from beyond the arc, which opened driving lanes to the rim later on.  He stayed active defensively, forcing turnovers and converting them into points.  Buckley also did a solid job of attacking the defense with the dribble and finding open teammates for good shots.

Isaiah Hernandez, Poinciana: While the 6’7 sophomore may not have been a big point producer, he did impact the game in other areas thanks to his high level of effort and energy.  He’s long and bouncy, gets up quickly for rebounds, and is fast up and down the court.  Hernandez has the lateral foot speed to step out and guard smaller defenders on the perimeter.  The skill-level can use some bumping up but Hernandez seems to have the desire to turn himself into a solid candidate to play at the next level.

Sebastian Astor, Fleming Island: We won’t sugar-coat it; it wasn’t the 6’1 senior’s best day when compared to other times we have seen him.  He struggled a bit with turnovers (due in part to a thumb injury) and wasn’t as consistent with his three point shooting, but Astor still did enough good things to warrant attention.  He pushed the pace, scored the ball at the rim in traffic, and made some tough, contested mid-range jump shots.  Astor was also an alert passer and active ball-hawk on the defensive end.

Peyton Urbancic, Naples First Baptist Academy: The 6’6 senior guard had solid performances in both games we took in on Saturday.  He has good size, athleticism, and feel for the game.  Urbancic is a strong driver and finisher when attacking the basket, a solid ball-handler and passer on the move and has range to the arc on his jump shot.  With his size and skills, he has the potential to play multiple positions at the next level.

Chris Peterson, Vero Beach: The 6’2 senior guard was a bit of a surprise this weekend.  Peterson shot the ball well from the perimeter, scoring off the catch or coming off ball-screens.  He was solid with the basketball, not letting extended defensive pressure faze him while quickly getting the ball to where it needed to go.  A physical defender, Peterson gives great effort on every possession.

DeQuan Rowland, Anclote: The 6’7 senior forward isn’t looking to do anything fancy; just pound away inside for points and rebounds.  He’s strong and looks to power through opponents when he gets the ball in the paint.  Rowland cleans up teammates misses on offense and quickly gets the ball to the guard when securing the defensive rebound.  A good by not dynamic athlete, Rowland impresses by not trying to impress and perform his assigned role to the best of his ability.

Jakob Hester, Anclote: Physically a twin to teammate Rowland, the 6’7 senior forward is a more skilled player.  Get him the ball in the high-post, short corners or the paint, and Hester will either score, earn a trip to the free throw line, or both.  He is unlikely to blow past defenders with the dribble when out on the perimeter, but if given room he will take and make shots out to the arc.  Hester is an active rebounder and both ends of the floor and a physical post defender.