21 Jul 2020

Best of the Best Summer Basketball Showcase – Rpt II

More from this weekend’s Best of the Best Summer Basketball Showcase.

Joshua Camejo,  Kissimmee Tohopekaliga: The 6’0 rising junior wasn’t on our radar until we realized how much of an impact he made when in the game.  He played solid, making good decisions both on the break and when attacking the paint in half-court sets.  Camejo hit open shots from the perimeter and defensively worked hard to stay in front of the dribbler and always made himself available for an outlet pass the push the pace.

Marcus Walker, St. Augustine Beacon of Hope: The 5’11 rising junior is strong and athletic, using his physical traits to overpower defenders to get to the basket and score in traffic through contact.  He dished off for a couple of nice assists during the game and rebounded well for his size at both ends of the floor.  Hopefully, in our next viewing of Walker, we will get a better feel for his skills as a perimeter shooter.

Aaron Delince, Fort Pierce Central: The 5’10 rising sophomore plays with a lot of confidence.  From what we saw, he’s a good athlete that is quick with the ball and is a strong driver and finisher at the basket.  Delince also made good reads in transition and was active with quick hands and feet on the defensive side of the floor.

The rest of this report focuses on players from the 2024 Class that caught our attention.

Bryant Boykin, Jacksonville: At 6’3, he has good strength and bounce for a young player.  He makes tough finishes inside and rebounds well in a crowd.  Boykin has a jumper that is reliable to fifteen feet.  Unsure where he will be attending high school.

Reginald Reinhardt, Palm Beach Gardens: The 5’7 lefty did a little bit of everything in the one game we watched.  He connected on a three, finished in transition, converted steals into scores, and generally made the most of the opportunities presented to him.   He’s currently planning to attend Dwyer.

William Gray, Pompano Beach: The 5’9 guard proved to be very fast and quick with the basketball.  He pushed the pace whenever possible.  Defensively he was very ball alert, looking to force turnovers or grab loose balls in his area.  He is currently planning to attend Ely and should fit in well with the Tigers’ style of play.

Archie Triggs, Jacksonville: At 6’1, he’s got a solid frame and is a good run/jump athlete.  While an inconsistent finisher at the basket, he gets to his destination with ease and will likely earn a lot of trips to the free throw line at the next level.  Should his jumper become more consistent and less streaky, Triggs will be that much tougher to defend.  Unsure where he will be attending high school.

Edward Wiggins, Bartow: At 6’4, long, and lanky, Wiggins is certainly more project than product right now, but he definitely shows promise.  He certainly looks like he will get a few inches taller and already Wiggins actively pursues rebounds at both ends of the court.  He keeps the ball high once securing the miss and defensively he changes shots.  Wiggins is raw offensively, but that isn’t a surprise or concern.  Assuming he will attend Bartow.

Sevastian Rosado, Bartow: When the smallest guy on the court breaks out the “too little” gesture after finishing  creatively in traffic, it says a couple of things: he’s got a boatload of confidence and plays with a chip on his shoulder.  At 5’6, he’s quick with the ball, shifty, and very fast.  Rosado looks to be a good playmaker with court vision and the ability to get teammates the ball when and where they need it.  Assuming he will attend Bartow.




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