28 Mar 2024

Travel Team Jamboree – 17U: Rpt III

We finalize our look at some of the better performers in the Travel Team Jamboree’s 17U division held this past weekend at The Big House in Tavares.

Josh Lewis, Florida Rebels: The 6’7 junior from Tampa Blake was active and effective in the game we took in Saturday.  While his perimeter shot wasn’t falling as consistently as we have seen in the past, his ability to get ahead of the defense in transition, convert drives and offensive rebounds, and knock down free throws got him numerous marks in the scorebook.  Lewis is a good ball-handler for his size and has the ability to grab defensive rebounds and push the ball up the floor without turning it over.  Long and athletic, he covers a lot of ground quickly on the defensive end.

Jordan Tillery, MBJ Elite: The 6’6 senior from Orlando Oak Ridge is signed with Georgia Southern so it was a bit of a surprise to see him here.  Versatility is Tillery’s calling card as he can play and defend multiple positions.  He can run the offense as a point forward, bring the ball up the floor in transition or against pressure, and does a good job of finding teammates for open perimeter shots or when cutting to the basket.  Tillery’s perimeter shot continues to improve in regards to consistent accuracy.  He has quick hands and feet on defense, gets several tips, deflections, and outright steals a game and can defend smaller guards on the perimeter and bigger players inside.

Alex Springs, TNBA South Kings: A 6’0 junior at St. Cloud, Springs has them and uses his springs to play bigger than his size.  He gets high on his perimeter shot inside the arc, dropping them in over taller defenders.  Springs has a significant burst when he takes the ball to the basket, seemingly hanging in the air longer than opponents before getting off a shot that goes in more often than not.  He will connect on open three pointers behind the arc and generally makes good pass vs. shot decisions when driving to the hole.  He rebounds quite well for his size at both ends of the floor.  Springs’ lateral quickness and run/jump athleticism make him a solid defender both on and off the ball.

Garang Dhieu, SOH Elite: A 6’9 junior at Miami Riviera Prep, Dhieu is all about what he can be in the coming years.  Long and bouncy but with a thin frame, Dhieu is an active shot blocker/challenger/changer that is able to quickly recover from one opponent to another in the lane.  He has good timing and instincts to not only block shots but grab rebounds as well.  Dhieu is a lob threat on the interior, swiftly runs the floor, and is a willing ball-screener.  He had little to no opportunity to showcase any type of fundamental skills but so long as he plays with great energy and passion like he did this past weekend, he is a very intriguing prospect.

Justin Smith, 1 Family Pro: A 5’9 junior at Ocoee, Smith was solid in his point guard role for 1 Family this past weekend.  He took care of the basketball, made open perimeter shots, and got the ball into the post as well as into the hands of open perimeter shooters.  As one might expect, Smith is quite quick, anticipates the passing lanes well on defense, and does a good job of staying in front of the basketball.  He pushes the pace and challenges the defense to keep him out of the lane.  Smith is very good in his role as a pass first but not pass only point guard.

Myles Fuentes, All Ball: A 6’0 sophomore from Miami Riviera Prep, Fuentes was very comfortable and competitive playing up a level.  He was as aggressive in taking the ball to the basket as we have ever seen him and he generally produced positive results. Fuentes has a quick first step and developed tough-to-stop euro-step and hesi-step moves when confronted by defenders in the lane.  He took only two perimeter shots in the game we watched, finishing one of two, but we have seen him knock down enough of those in the past to know he normally makes them at a reasonable rate.  Fuentes plays with an “arrogant aggression” at both ends of the floor and that isn’t a bad thing.

Cristian Rosado, Wellington Wolves: A 6’0 junior from Boca Raton St. John Paul, Rosado is one of those players that you like and appreciate the more you watch him play.  He dictates pace, doesn’t get sped up, and does a lot of little things that lead to winning but don’t show up in the box score.  Rosado has range to the arc but has a very good mid-range game that nets him a lot of points.  His passes are on target and on time and he handles the ball well vs. pressure.  Rosado is quicker than he looks and anticipates well on the defensive end.

Luca Reinhr, Judah Nation: A 6’8 senior from Orlando Olympia, Reinhr had a stretch in the game we watched where he simply took over.  He scored eight straight points to keep Judah Nation in the game, scoring inside with good footwork and touch, knocking down mid-range jumpers, and getting to the foul line after drives from the high post.  Reinhr is strong with a solid frame, owns his rebounding area, and is effective in ball-screen action, be it rolling to the basket or lagging behind for a perimeter shot.

Adam Henderson, Game Speed Elite: A 6’4 junior from The Rock School in Gainesville, Henderson is a testament to how effective moving without the ball can be.  He routinely found open areas from which to get open looks behind the arc and knock down shots or quickly getting up shots after cutting into the lane.  His constant offensive movement also helped him grab more than his fair share of offensive rebounds.  Henderson does a good job of helping and recovering on defense.

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