01 Mar 2024

SIAA All-State Teams

The Sunshine Independent Athletic Association (SIAA) announced its Boys Basketball All-State Teams this past weekend at the state championships.  Below is a look at the First and Second Team Nominees.


R.J. Jones, Jr; Gainesville The Rock School (Player of the Year): The 6’9 senior and Virginia Tech signee was a main reason for the Lions’ run to an undefeated SIAA season as well as the tournament title in the National Division.  A repeat first-teamer from last season, Jones impresses with both his abilities to knock down three-point shots, score through contact around the basket, and come away with rebounds in heavy traffic.

Jalen “Roc” Lee, Orlando West Oaks Academy: The 6’5 senior and Chicago State signee realized his mistake in leaving West Oaks prior to the start of the season and returned to The Flame at the Winter Break.  His strong frame and high-level athleticism make Lee a force at both ends of the floor.  He is tough to keep from the basket when attacking off the dribble but is more than capable of knocking down perimeter if the defense give him too much room.  Lee is a “ball magnet” when it comes to rebounds and playing defense.

Fredy Sylla, Jacksonville Potter’s House Christian Academy: The 6’7 senior has been an integral part of Potter’s House’s success the past for yours and it has been fascinating watch Sylla develop over that period of time.  He can play and defend positions one thru four, has improved his perimeter scoring on both sides of the arc, and is disruptive in the passing lanes.  Sylla has the skills and talent to run an offense from the “point forward” spot.

Moustapha Thiam, Daytona Beach DME Academy: A 7’2 junior and the only underclassmen on the first team, Thiam has college coaches salivating at not only what he can do but what he can become.  An elite rim protector, opponents have little chance for success when attacking the basket with Thiam in the lane.  He runs the floor well in transition, moves his feet very well laterally out on the perimeter, and has developed enough of a perimeter shot that he must be respected when facing the basket. As Thiam gains strength, he will become better able to score against physical defenders in the lane.

Elijah Elliott, Orlando Southern Coast Academy: Another player that realized the grass isn’t always greener, Elliott returned at the Winter Break and quickly elevated to leadership status.  His ability to play and score from both the point guard and two-guard positions make him a headache for opponents. He has vastly improved his shot vs. pass decision-making with the ball on the move. Elliott is also quick and active on the defensive end, getting more than his fair share of tips and deflections.

Jaylen Robinson, Daytona Beach DME Academy: A 6’6 senior, Robinson made the move to DME to better prepare himself to play on the perimeter at the collegiate level.  Mission accomplished, as he greatly improved his perimeter shooting and ball-handling skills.  Robinson is a dynamic finisher in transition, a terror in grabbing offensive rebounds, and a player that can defend the post as well as on the perimeter.


Babatunde Durodola, 6’8 JR, Daytona Beach DME Academy

Maodo Niang, 6’8 JR, Academy of Central Florida

Clarence Massamba, 6’4 JR, Gainesville The Rock School

Antoine Glasper, 6’1 SR, Bradenton Victory Rock Prep

Jahmarian Forrester, 6’9 JR, Cleawater Balboa School






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