08 Jul 2020

Showtime Roundup – Rpt II

Brevard Bulls 17U

Diego Platas, Auburndale: The 6’7 rising senior showed skills playing both on the perimeter and in the paint.  He has the shooting touch to stretch the floor as well as the post moves necessary to score near the basket.  Platas is also a reliable ball-handler out on the perimeter and can get to the rim with a few dribbles and either score or earn a trip to the free throw line.  He plays hard and pursues rebounds relentlessly at both ends of the court.

Steven Laurent, Pompano Beach Ely: The 6’4 rising senior is a transfer from the Tallahassee area and should do well in the Ely Tigers’ scheme.  Big, strong, and physical, Laurent is at his best when taking the ball to the basket where he can use his physical attributes to score through contact.  He was a streaky shooter when we watched him on Saturday, but he must be respected by the defense the closer he gets to the arc.

Melo Garrick, Palm Bay Bayside: The 6’6 rising senior has a big frame but can step out and make shots from three-point range.  He owns his rebounding area and with better conditioning he will become more athletic and a better overall player.

Showtime Ballers 16U

Kasai Fontanez, Orlando West Oaks Academy: The 6’2 rising junior proved to be dangerous to the defense off the dribble.  He consistently got into the lane, drew contact, and made trips to the foul line.  Fontanez had more than a few crafty finishes at the rim, at one point unleashing a finger roll that brought some gasps from the crowd.  He also shot the ball respectably from the perimeter and was active on the defensive end, getting deflections and coming up with several loose balls.

Jaylen Wharton, Tampa Durant: The 6’6 rising junior is long, athletic, and possesses a reliable perimeter stroke.  He proved to be an adequate ball-handler in the open floor and, despite a thin frame, battled well for rebounds at both ends of the court.

1 Family 16U

Jayden Williams, Windermere Prep: The 6’4 rising junior is an excellent shooter with great range and a quick release.  He knocks down shots equally well off the catch or with a quick dribble pull-up.  Williams has also improved his ability to get to the basket and score since we saw him play during the high school season.  We were also impressed with his ability to rebound against bigger opponents.

Jamar Franklin, Rockledge: This was our first time witnessing the 6’3 rising junior and we came away intrigued.  He’s a solid lead guard with shooting range out to the arc, has good quickness and solid ball skills.  Franklin was also an active defender that put his length to good use in the game we took in Friday night.

Ashton Lovette, Gainesville St. Francis: The 6’4 rising junior has good size and a strong build to go along with a skill set that allows him to be productive at either guard spot.  A good but not great run/jump athete, Lovette does possess solid ball-handling and passing skills.  His strong frame and strength give him an advantage when going after rebounds at both ends of the floor.

1 Family 15U

Kris Parker (pictured), Quincy Crossroad Academy: The 6’6 rising sophomore is very good now but also has a very high ceiling.  A lengthy athlete that excels in the open floor, Parker is a decent ball-handler for his size and, while the perimeter jumper is streaky at this stage, it still must be respected just beyond the arc.  He’s a quick leaper for rebounds and his length and quickness make him a versatile defender.

Eduardo Placer, Oviedo The Master’s Academy: The 6’3 rising sophomore is a solid, all-around guard with a good skill level.  He gets to the basket and scores in traffic, creates and makes jumpers out on the perimeter, and is a good ball-handler and passer.  The lefty has a good feel for the game and plays with an air of confidence.

Hoop Dreams 15U

Kyle Behrle, Winter Garden West Orange: Opponents underestimate the 6’3 rising sophomore at their own peril.  He is crafty, competes every possession, and is a tough finisher around the basket.  Behrle is a dangerous perimeter shooter and essentially plays bigger than his size.