17 Jul 2022

Orlando Summer Showcase – Saturday Snapshot

There was some serious ballin’ going on at The First Academy in Orlando as the Summer Showcase took place.  Here is just a sampling of the action.

Player of the Day

Paul Djobet exploded for 30 points and 12 rebounds in a late afternoon game for the Showtime Ballers.  A 6’7 rising senior at Orlando West Oaks, the native of France displayed great range on his jumper, quickness of the floor to snatch rebounds, and a soft touch around the rim.

Game of the Day

It is always interesting when teams under the same organizational umbrella compete against each other.  Such was the case when CP 25 North 2024 took on CP 25 Adidas Gold 2024 in an afternoon contest.  As one might expect, both teams gave a little bit extra and every possession was a battle on both sides.  While it wasn’t pretty at times, you knew great effort was given.  North was able to pull out the win by the score of 51-45 and both teams showed they have “dudes” to watch for in the upcoming season.

Team of the Day

Southeast Elite 3SSB 2024 faced a deep and talented Showtime Ballers 2024 group but only had the minimum of five available players.  Stunningly, SE Elite held the lead for most of the first half.  In the second half, fatigue looked to be taking its toll and the “fab five” found themselves down double-digits mid-way thru the contest.  With under a minute left and down twelve, the game looked over.  In what seemed like the blink of an eye, SE turned three consecutive inbounds turnovers into a lay-up and a pair of threes.  Now it was only a four-point game with under thirty seconds to play and anything could happen.  Showtime was able to hold on for the win, but massive amounts of flowers need to be given to the five guys that put it all out there for SE Elite.

Find of the Day

You never know what you will find at a 9:00AM game to start the day, but Iyran Francis, a 6’6 rising sophomore out of Munroe in Gadsden County (just west of Tally), woke up the game and the crowd with his performance.  He showed off some strong scoring skills and a soft touch in the post, a nose for the ball coming off the glass, and a willingness to compete on every possession.  He was a catalyst for the Showtime Ballers 15U squad to an early and convincing win to kick off the Summer Showcase the right way.

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