05 Dec 2023

Notables From The Breast Cancer Awareness Classic

Lots of quality basketball from this past weekend at The Breast Cancer Awareness Classic.

Isaiah Campbell-Finch, Tampa Catholic: A 6’0 junior, Campbell-Finch becomes “the man” with Karter Knox leaving for OTE.  He is more than ready for that role.  Campbell-Finch has a respectable shot from the perimeter, makes good pass vs. shot decisions on the move, and has an array of scoring finishes at the basket.  A solid ball-handler and passer, he causes problems for the defense with his ability to penetrate and score or find teammates for better shots.  Campbell-Finch will get a lot of defensive attention this season but he will also be the go-to option for the Crusaders.

Kyler Lamb, Williston: A 6’6 senior, Lamb got off to a bit of a slow start against Tampa Catholic but his production steadily increased as the game wore on, especially when Williston made its winning run.  He has the ability to connect on perimeter shots on either side of the arc but he was most successful in the paint using his length and leaping ability to score quickly around the basket.  Lamb runs the floor swiftly and finishes above the rim.  He is an active rebounder at both ends with quick second and third leaps.  Though Lamb may play at a small school and not always have the opportunity to play against high-level competition, he has shown on more than one occasion that he is capable of playing on the collegiate level.

Adyn Corbin, The Villages Charter: A 6’0 junior, Corbin only scored eight points in the game against Tampa Blake, but it felt like he did a lot for the young team.  His speed and quickness with the ball allow him to beat defenses down the floor in the transition game and individual defenders off the bounce to get into the lane and force the defense as a whole to adjust.  Corbin’s perimeter shot wasn’t falling on Saturday, but that should come in time.  His ability to create easy baskets and openings to score for his young teammates will give them confidence and help the team come playoff time.  Corbin anticipates well on the defensive end and can be disruptive in the passing lanes.

Josh Lewis, Tampa Blake: A 6’7 junior with a growing list of high-major offers, Lewis showed why on Saturday.  He is long, lengthy, and bouncy, handles the ball well on the perimeter, and has an accurate shot out to the three-point line.  Lewis runs the floor, chases rebounds, and is quick to come from the help side to either challenge or block shots.  He needs to gain some strength but that should come with time and physical maturity.  His ability to play and defend a variety of positions makes him attractive as a college prospect.

Nathan Earl, Windermere: A 6’2 sophomore, Earl was quite impressive against Lake Highland Prep.  He showed that he can get to the basket and score against a set defense as well as connect on shots past the three-point line with consistency.  Earl has a good dose of athletic ability and a frame that looks like it should pack on more muscle without slowing him down.  He also displayed the passing instincts and ball-handling ability to run an offense should the team need that from him.  Earl added his name to a growing list of quality players in the state’s 2026 Class.

R.J. Ingram, Orlando Lake Highland Prep: A 6’2 sophomore, Ingram was given the keys to the offense with UNC-Ashville signee Julien Clark out and did a more than respectable job.  He took good care of the basketball and made the most of his opportunities.  Ingram showed that he can connect on threes as well as scoot past defenders to score in the lane.  He is a good athlete and willingly ventures into the paint to grab rebounds.  Ingram has the physical traits to be a very solid on-ball defender.  It will be interesting to see how his overall game grows, not just this season but in the future.

Kaiden White, Orlando Olympia: A 6’4 senior, White impresses us more and more each time we see him play.  He has been thrust into the unfamiliar role of running the offense but he has been no less productive when it comes to scoring the ball.  A highly reliable three-point shooter, White knocks down shots off the bounce as well as the catch.  He is quick to take advantage of over-eager defenders that play him for that shot to get to the basket and score through contact in a crowd.  White takes care of the basketball and doesn’t force plays that aren’t there.  White won’t make people forget about Jizzle James from last season but he will no doubt create a lasting impression on his own merits.

Isaac Celiscar, Winter Haven: A 6’6 senior committed to Yale(!), Celiscar produces in a lot of different ways for the Blue Devils.  I don’t think I have even seen a play run for him, but Celiscar makes the most of the opportunities that come his way or that he creates to routinely score in double-figures.  He makes a great impact on the offensive glass and is quick to get right back up and put in missed shots.  Celiscar finishes well in transition and while not considered the greatest of shooters from the perimeter, he makes enough of them to keep the defense honest.  Celiscar is also a fine passer as he gets the ball quickly to cutters or to open perimeter shooters.  You will find him defending the best player on the opposing team, regardless of what position that may be.

Isaiah Brown, Orlando Christian Prep: A 6’5 senior signed by the Florida Gators, there isn’t much more to say about his game that hasn’t already been said.  He is quite athletic with a quick first step to the basket, finishes well in a crowd, and has become a very reliable shooter from the perimeter.  Brown excels in transition, swiftly runs the floor and skies to put down lobs.  He is a disruptive defender with length that anticipates the passing lanes well, turning steals into scores very quickly.  It has been impressive to watch his development since he became a key player for OCP early in his freshman season.

Alex Harper, Oviedo: A 6’2 senior, Harper was a big key to Oviedo staying in the contest as long as it did.  When he fouled out in the fourth quarter with 4:36 to play, the deficit was a manageable nine points.  OCP ended up winning by fifteen points.  Harper’s calling card was making shots from deep, well past the high school three-point line.  He has a bit of swagger to his game, playing very confidently and with an attacking mentality should the defense over play him for the shot.  Harper brings that same confident attitude to the defensive end of the floor.

Tyler Johnson, Orlando Oak Ridge: A 6’5 senior signed to Virginia Tech, Johnson is a straight-up bully on the basketball court.  He is strong on the drive, muscles in shots for three-point play opportunities, beats bigger players to offensive rebounds, and will “D up” on anybody and everybody.  Johnson has a reliable mid-range game and is quickly becoming a guy you can’t leave alone behind the arc.  He gets to the foul line a lot and makes the most of his opportunities.  He does a lot of the little things that don’t show up in box scores such as being the first to loose balls, getting deflections on defense, and being available to teammates as an outlet against defensive pressure.

Ethan Bertrand, Fort Lauderdale Westminster Academy: A 6’3 junior, Bertrand can become an afterthought to those that focus solely on Westminster’s “core big four”.  That would be a mistake.  Bertrand will find himself either running the offense from the point guard spot or playing off the ball as a wing.  He shot the ball wisely and well on Saturday, taking and making open shots on both sides of the arc.  Bertrand attacked openings with the dribble and made good decisions with the ball, hitting some floaters over defenders or finding teammates for open shots.  He rebounded well from his position and was solid on the defensive end.












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