25 Dec 2020

Kreul Classic Notables – Rpt. I

Jimel Lane, Hialeah Mater Academy:  The 6’5 junior had a solid three games, finishing the event as its top scorer with games of 35,24, and 26 points for an average of 28 points a game.  In the game we took in, all but one of his shots came from outside of the lane and that was his lone perimeter attempt (a three) of the game.  A good athlete with length, Lane scored well on short drives and putbacks.  He also rebounded well on the defensive end.

Josh Minott, Boca Raton St. Andrew’s: The 6’9 senior and Memphis signee can essentially play anywhere on the court.  Despite his vast talents and high skill level, Minott isn’t so much of a high-level scorer as his is stat-sheet stuffer.  He went for 17, 12, and 17 points in the team’s 2-1 run at the Kreul.  His stat line in a three point win over Westminster Christian included 13 rebounds, 5 assists, and 3 blocks while his line against The Rock in a two point loss featured 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, and 3 blocks.  No doubt Minott could score a lot more if he needed to, but he has the ability to take over games without needing to take over the ball.

Ausar Thompson, Fort Lauderdale Pine Crest: The 6’4 junior is tough to distinguish from his twin brother Amen, but at least in this event, he did so by scoring at a bit of a higher rate and making more shots from behind the three-point line.  Long and quick, Thompson showed a great feel for the game and displayed a high skill level and basketball IQ.  He finished well at the basket and made enough perimeter jumpers to keep the defense honest.

Amen Thompson, Fort Lauderdale Pine Crest: The 6’4 junior seemed to be content to play the set-up role but he still scored enough to make the defense take notice.  Long and quick, Thompson showed a great feel for the game and displayed a high skill level and basketball IQ.  When the Thompson twins are in sync it is like Pine Crest is playing with an additional player.  Amen may not have shot the ball like his brother did at the Kreul but his ability to impact the game in a variety of ways was definitely at a high level.

Dominick Nelson, Miami Archbishop Carroll: The 6’5 junior just may have been the find of the event.  His 23 points vs. Stranahan came in a variety of ways.  He made threes, scored in transition, made mid-range jumpers, and got to the free throw line a bunch.  Long and a high level athlete, Nelson showed guard skills and an ability to play and defend multiple positions.

Atraell Washington, Gainesville The Rock School: The 6’8 senior has a strong body, is athletic, and knows how to combine the two to make an impact.  He was really tough on the glass, particularly at the offensive end.  Washington ran the floor well in transition, showed a good touch around the basket, and proved he could step out on the perimeter and knock down shots.  He has come a long way in a short amount of time with his offensive skills.

London Previlon, Fort Lauderdale Stranahan: The 6’5 senior had a good showing Monday night, going for 22 points vs. Archbishop Carroll.  A long wing, he shot the ball respectably from mid-range.  He has a quick first step to the basket, thrived in transition, and rebounded well at both ends of the floor.

Ryan Davis, Stuart Martin County: Sometime, a guy is just tougher than anybody else on the floor, and that is certainly what the 6’4 junior was against Davie Western on Tuesday morning.  Davis bullied his way to points and rebounds.  While not always pretty it was highly effective.

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