10 Mar 2021

Hoop Exchange Live Player Showcase – Session I: Class of 2023 Notables

We took in both sessions of the Hoop Exchange Live Player Showcase the past Saturday.  That day was reserved for members of the 2023 and 2024 classes.  In this report, we look at the notable sophomores that competed in the morning session (session one).

Eduardo Placer, Oviedo The Master’s Academy: The 6’4 lefty guard impressed with very good court vision and passing skills.  He also showed superb scoring ability on both drives and perimeter shots.  Placer is a crafty defender and gets a lot of tips and deflections by keeping his hands active.

Dylan James, Gainesville The Rock School: The 6’8 James has a good skill level to go along with his size.  He runs the court, is an active offensive rebounder, and can stretch the floor with his perimeter shooting ability.  James can switch out on ball screens and defend smaller players on the perimeter.

Sean Stewart, Windermere: The 6’8 forward has the size, strength, speed and skill to be a high-major prospect.  He is quick off the floor to rebound, score, and protect the basket.  Stewart scores well off of quick drives and knocks down jump shots out to 15-18 feet.

Jaylen Smith, Orlando Edgewater: The 5’10 guard is a dynamic scorer.  He has deep range on his shot and can create space off the bounce to get it off.  Smith also is a capable scorer at the basket and routinely breaks down the defense with his ability to penetrate and get into the lane.

Tyler Williams, Winter Haven: The 6’4 wing can score but it isn’t a priority for him.  He is an unselfish distributor, quickly finds open teammates and delivers a catchable ball for easy shots.  Williams is also a grab-and-go rebounder that makes good decisions in transition.

Braylon Jackson, Tampa Riverview: The 6’4 wing simply finds ways to score.  He will connect on the occasional three but is best inside the arc with a pull-up jumper or bucket at the basket.  Jackson thrives in transition and is an active rebounder at both ends.

Nate Sasser, Riviera Beach Suncoast: The 6’6 wing was arguably the best finisher at either session on Saturday.  A superior ball-handler, he has quick change of direction moves and scores well with either hand in close.  Sasser makes open perimeter shots and is an active, lengthy defender.

Bol Agu, Jacksonville Potter’s House: The 6’7 forward has a big frame but moves well.  He showed a soft touch around the basket but also the ability to connect on shots on to fifteen feet.  Agu rebounds his area and is quick to outlet the ball to start the break.

Derek McCray, The Villages: The 6’0 guard has an excellent perimeter stroke.  His consistent range extends well past the high school three-point line.  McCray has improved his ability to score on drives and make good shot vs. pass decisions on the move.

Xavier Peavy, Tampa Durant: The 5’11 guard was one of the nicer surprises on Saturday morning.  He shot the ball well from distance, took care of the basketball and made good decisions/passes on the move.  Peavy was sneaky offensive rebounder, getting some easy points that way, and also played the passing lanes well at the defensive end.


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