18 Nov 2021

Faces of the Future Middle School Spotlight – Rpt III

In this final report from the Faces of the Future Middle School Spotlight, we turn our attention to the Classes of 2027 & 2028.  Originally, we didn’t plan on covering the “young guns” but after watching just a bit of action at that level, it was clear there was some talent.  Most of these players have an edge in terms of physical size right now, but that will no doubt change in the future.

Class of 2027

Legend Frisby: A late addition to the event whose height and hometown didn’t make it into our roster, Frisby probably goes around 5’5 or so.  He was savvy on the court, making lots of plays whether scoring assisting, rebounding or defending.  Frisby is a fearless driver that reads the floor well.

Torrence Moore: Listed at 5’7 from Orlando, Moore displayed good size and athleticism for his age.  He threw some nice passes, made his open perimeter shots and chased after rebounds.

Cayden Daughtry: A 5’8 wing from Wellington, he was very quick and came up with several steals during the time we watched him.  He found teammates for easy baskets, worked the glass at both ends, and was accurate from the perimeter with his shooting.

Malik Charles: The 5’9 guard from Miami was quite impressive.  He is a good athlete, runs the point guard spot well and scores and passes at a high level.  Charles is also very alert and quick on the defensive end.  In short, he understands how to play the right way.

Marquis Siggers: A 5’7 guard from Miami, he is an active slasher to the basket and scores more often than not.  Siggers also proved to be a good passer and an alert and disruptive defender.

Gabriel Nesmith: A 6’0 player out of West Palm Beach, he did well running the floor and scoring in transition.  Nesmith hit a couple of perimeter shots and attacked the offensive glass, getting extra opportunities and making the most of them.

Jomar Benard: A 6’4 wing out of Orlando, his combination of size and skill level at this age is quite unique.  He plays with a lot of energy and is a good three-point shooter, even off the dribble.  Benard is a good ball=handler that can slash and score.  He also grabs a lot of offensive rebounds thanks to his size.

Carter Floirient: A 6’6 “big” from Miami, Foirient is a lefty with good size and length.  He plays hard, chases rebounds, runs the floor and is an active shot blocker.  With his size and above-average athleticism at this stage, Floirient has a very high ceiling.

Anthony Walcott: A 5’9 wing from Fort Lauderdale, he left a lot of positive comments on our notepad. “hit three on break”, “grabbed rebound and scored at other end”, attacked offensive glass”, and “found open teammate for easy shots” suggest a developing all-around game for Walcott.

Class of 2028

Camden Cooper: At 5’9, the St. Augustine native has good size but is surprisingly skilled.  He handles the ball well and looks to pass first.  He is able to grab a defensive rebound and push it up the floor, and either score or find an open teammate.  When he does look to score, Cooper either does so or earns a trip to the free throw line.

Quintin Wilson: At 5’11, the Hollywood native is similar to Cooper in terms of overall skills but is a bit more scoring-oriented.  He has good length and athleticism at this stage and he is certainly one to keep an eye on for the future.




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