01 Jul 2023

FABC Team Camp – Session II: Rpt IV

Our final look at some of the standout players from the Florida Association of Basketball Coaches (FABC) Team Camp: Session II that took place last weekend in Gainesville.

C.J. Liptrot, Orlando Jones: A 6’3 rising junior, Liptrot had a breakout game early Saturday morning.  He got hot from deep off both the catch and dribble.  This opened up opportunities for Liptrot to drive past over-eager defenders and score at the basket.  He also proved to be a more active rebounder and passer than we have seen in the past.

Keishaun Robinson, Orlando Jones: A 6’3 rising junior, Robinson really has no position; he just goes out and makes plays at both ends of the floor.  Robinson was absolutely amazing in his ability to force tie ups, strip away the ball as opponents were going up for shots, and forcing, then coming up with loose balls.  He doesn’t go hunting for his own points but makes the most of the offensive opportunities he does get.  Robinson is also a solid defender on and off the ball.

Daniel MacGregor, Clearwater Calvary Christian: The 6’1 rising senior is very tough with the basketball.  MacGregor is adept at scoring off the bounce inside the arc, from mid-range to the rim.  He is a crafty ball-handler that instinctually knows when the defender is off balance and/or out of position and is quick to take advantage.  MacGregor has good court vision, handles the ball well vs. pressure and makes good shot vs. pass decisions when driving to the basket.  He moves his feet well laterally and makes life difficult for opposing ball-handlers.  MacGregor plays with a great deal of confidence and his teammates feed off that.

Ace Taylor, Clearwater Calvary Christian: A 6’6 rising senior, Taylor prefers to attack the defense with strong drives to the basket, challenging the officials to make calls.  We have seen him hit some perimeter shots in the past but in at least the game we watched this time, it wasn’t falling.  Taylor has good size, is an active rebounder at both ends and can be disruptive in the passing lane.

Ethan Sabec, Clearwater Calvary Christian: A 6’6 rising sophomore, we like what he could become based on what he showed this past weekend.  Sabec played well in his role as a rebounder and third option scorer.  His perimeter shot has good mechanics and will fall more consistently in time.  Sabec handles the ball adequately at this time.  He plays under control and within himself.

Jadus Sorhaindo, Tampa Berkeley Prep: A burly 6’7 rising freshman, Sorhaindo played varsity ball last year as an 8th grader at another program.  He has a solid frame and is a good athlete for an incoming freshman.  Sorhaindo controlled the glass at both ends, ran the floor well, and displayed a soft touch both around the rim and from the foul line.  His production is solid now but it is Sorhaindo’s potential that already has college coaches very interested in monitoring his progress.

Dakota Morris, Tallahassee Florida High: The 6’6 rising senior showed a big improvement in his offensive game since we saw him during the season.  A strong player, Morris now has a reliable perimeter shot inside the arc; if the defender plays off, he sticks the jumper, if the defender gets to close, Morris will simply overpower him and drive to the basket.  He plays hard, is tough on the glass at both ends, and has the strength to defend bigger players inside as well as the footspeed to guard smaller players on the perimeter.

Elijah Payne, Riverview Bell Creek Academy: A 6’6 rising senior, Payne is a big body with a soft touch from fifteen feet and in as well as light feet and good footwork inside.  A physical defender and strong rebounder, Payne knows how to carve out space and get to missed shots.  While not necessarily what you would call fleet of foot, he moves well up the floor in transition as well as laterally when defending the ball.  Payne surprises a bit as a ball-handler and passer as he finds cutters quickly and can push the ball up the floor after securing the defensive rebound.

Ricky Liburd, Weston Sagemont: A 6’6 rising junior, Liburd always seemed to be at the right place at the right time to make the right play.  He shot the ball well from the perimeter and scored in drives to the rim as well as in transition.  Liburd was active on the offensive glass getting some easy points that way.  He’s a good athlete, has active hands and quick feet on defense, and anticipates the passing lanes well.

Jeremy Jenkins, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas: A 6’7 incoming freshman, Jenkins is young but flashed great potential.  He has a good frame for a player so young and moves pretty well around the court.  Jenkins scored around the basket and on some short drives but he showed enough ball-handling ability that we can see him transitioning to the wing in the not too distant future.

Denver Turner, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas: A 6’3 incoming freshman, Turner is another young STA player that shows promise.  He is a good athlete, plays hard at both ends, and is an effective slasher/finisher at the basket, both on drives vs set defenses and in transition.


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