25 Nov 2021

Best of the Best Middle School Showcase – Rpt III

This is our final report from the Best of the Best Middle School Showcase.

Ayden Ambrose: A 5’9 guard out of Plantation, Ambrose is calm, confident, and in control of the basketball.  He scored on slick drives, found open teammates for easy scores, and rebounded well for his size.  Ambrose was solid on the defensive end, keeping up with dribblers and playing the passing lanes for deflections or steals.  He looks like a guy a coach could hand the ball to as a freshman and feel the team was on solid footing.

Joe Philon: A 6’5 forward, Philon is a bit on the thin side but has all kinds of length and athleticism.  He runs the floor well, finishes above the rim in transition, and is active on the offensive glass.  Philon’s offensive skills are basic but solid.  He will no doubt get better skill-wise and become a full-time wing by the mid-way point of his high school career.  Increased physical strength will also help Philon’s game.

Antwain Tennell: The 5’8 point guard out of The Villages is in the 2027 Class but had no problem playing up a year at the event.  He may not have the athletic look or quick first step at this stage of his development, but Tennell has great control of the basketball, excellent court vision, a high hoops IQ and an unselfish disposition.  He racked up assists in a variety of ways: drives, transition, ball reversal, and connecting with open cutters from the perimeter.  Tennell may not be initially quick but is fast enough with ball to play at a high tempo.

David Sanchez: A 6’0 guard and a transplant from New York to Ponte Vedra, Sanchez looks and plays like a tough kid that learned the game on the asphalt of the big city.  He’s aggressive at both ends of the floor, doesn’t shy away from contact when going to the basket or chasing after rebounds, and relishes a challenge.  Sanchez’s jumper has good form and appears reliable to eighteen feet.

Shiva Atwal: A 6’3 forward from Orlando, Atwal impressed with a smooth lefty stroke that was reliable out to the three-point line.  He has a solid frame and uses it well to battle for rebounds inside.  Atwal also tossed a few passes to open teammates that impressed some onlookers.  He should have no problem shoring up his ball-handling to be a full-time wing on the high school level.

Jacob Trenchfield: A 5’7 guard from Pembroke Pines, Trenchfield showed a varied offensive skill set.  He scored on drives, connected on threes, and converted shots at the rim after receiving the ball in the lane.  Quick and active on the defensive end, he scored off of steals on several occasions.

J.T. Tipton: A 5’7 guard from Lecanto, Tipton’s game is understated until you check the box score and realize how much he contributed.  He has a reliable floater in the lane that he uses to score on drives and he has a consistent perimeter shot.  Tipton is a good ball-handler and passer on the move that makes good decisions with the basketball.


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