12 Sep 2023

Best of the Best Elite Florida Showcase – JR/SR Division

Wow, did it feel good to be back in a gym!  The Fall Event Season kicked off at the Big House in Tavares on Sunday with the Best of the Best Elite Florida Showcase.  Players were separated into two groups: a Junior/Senior division and a 2026/2027 Division.  In this first report, we will focus on the talent in the older classification.

Christopher Maxon, Fort Pierce Central: A 6’2 junior, Maxon proved to be a deep shooter and an adroit passer.  He has high-level ball skills, sees the floor well, and delivers the ball to the open man on time and on target.  Maxon is a good athlete, a solid defender, and plays the game with a great deal of energy and passion.

Christian Maxon, Fort Pierce Central: A 6’2 junior, this twin is a vivacious three-level scorer.  He does a fine job of creating for himself and for teammates, makes shots off the bounce as well as the catch and finishes well in a crowd at the rim.  Maxon can play either guard spot and does so with great energy, enthusiasm, and effort.

Loghan Downie, Stuart South Fork: A 6’4 senior, he proved to be a tough cover as a combo 3/4 in this setting.  Downie crashed the glass and finished well around the basket, moved without the ball finding open spaces in the defense, and displayed a solid perimeter shot.  He’s a sneaky athlete and proved the be effective on both the interior and the perimeter.

Joseph Gayle, Fort Pierce Central: The 6’3 junior is a dynamic athlete that finishes well above the rim in a crowd.  Gayle has excellent ball and body control, makes moves off the bounce that can’t be taught, and is relentless when it comes to getting downhill against individual defenders.  As his perimeter shot continues to improve, so will his recruiting stock.

Sean Standifer, Lake Worth: The 6’5 junior has very long range on his three-point shot.  Combined with his quick release, Standifer stretches the defense.  He rebounds well for his size, runs the floor in transition, and has the ability to put up points in a hurry.  Standifer has some length to him and has the potential to be a good defender out on the wing.

Ryan Rodriguez, Port St. Lucie: The 6’4 senior lefty is crafty and makes a lot of plays during the course of a game, both subtle and not so subtle.  Rodriguez showed good ball skills and the ability to get to and score at the basket in traffic.  He is a good athlete that can grab rebounds in a crowd, burst out of the pack and push the ball up the court in transition.

Vophcy Prophete, Orlando Olympia: A 6’5 senior, Prophete was one of the more impressive 2024 prospects in the Big House.  A long and lithe athlete, he seemingly got to the basket at will, either finishing thru contact or flushing home a dunk before the defense could react.  Prophete is an active offensive rebounder, relentless in running the floor and is an improving perimeter shooter.  His size, length, and athleticism allow him to be a versatile defender and he puts great effort into that end of the floor.

Ryan Coby, Lake Worth: The 6’2 junior came into the event with the reputation as a shooter but left showing everyone he is much more than that.  Coby made good decisions with the ball on the move, handled defensive pressure well, and made plays that got teammates open shots in good spots.  He also showed an improved ability to score in traffic at the basket.

Victor Olayisade, Tampa Hillsborough: A 6’2 senior, he proved to be both strong and fast with the basketball, pushing the tempo at every opportunity and defenders bouncing off him as he made his way to the hoop.  He got a lot of paint touches and frequently collapsed the defense.  Olayisade got hot from three in his second game of the day, draining four in a row, making him that much more difficult to cover.  He also was an active defender and disrupter in the passing lanes.

Gavin Dunn, Orlando Wekiva: A 6’3 senior, Dunn is a big-time athlete with plenty of bounce and power.  He runs the floor, converts well above the rim, is a tough straight-line driver and a factor on the offensive glass.  Dunn is improving as a perimeter shooter while on defense he looks to challenge opposing ball-handlers and is quick to rotate over to challenge shots.

Terrence Walker, Pompano Beach Ely: A 6’3 junior, Walker is a strong athlete on the wing.  He runs the floor in transition and has a quick first step to get by defenders in the half-court.  Walker is a good rebounder at both ends, plays the passing lanes well on defense, and isn’t afraid to sacrifice his body in chasing down loose balls.



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