10 May 2019

Battle at the Beach – 16U: Rpt II

Jayvien Millian, 1 Family: The 6’8 forward out of Sarasota Riverview had a solid game against Night Rydas on Saturday.  A high-level athlete, Millian finished several plays above the rim, most notably on lobs in transition as well as set plays.  A surprisingly good shooter from the perimeter, Millian poses a tough dilemma as far as taking away the drive or the shot.  Improving his handle will allow him to use his length and athletic explosiveness to greater advantage.  He gets to rebounds and shot attempts quickly on the defensive end and his wing span allows him to get several tips and deflections during games.

Walter Clayton, Night Rydas Elite: The 6’0 point guard from Lake Wales runs the show like a seasoned veteran.  He’s very confident in his ability to handle the basketball and make the correct shot vs. pass read when coming off ball screens.  Clayton is strong and doesn’t shy away from contact when driving to the basket.  Right now, his perimeter shot is consistent just enough to force the defense to respect it, but that consistency will improve with time.  Defensively, Clayton is solid.  He has quick lateral movement and good instincts.

Alex Fudge, Team Parsons: The 6’6 wing from Jacksonville Lee is a highlight reel waiting to happen when the pace of the game is up-tempo.  Very long and quick, he routinely beats the defense down the court in transition and finishes well above the rim.  There is still some skill work to be done on the offensive end but Fudge makes the most of his opportunities when it comes to putting back missed shots or taking one to two dribbles and elevating over the defense for close-in shots.  Defensively he puts his length and athletic ability to good use by aggressively challenging opponents with the ball, coming from the weak side to block shots or grabbing rebounds out of his area and quickly starting the break.

Tre Carroll, Florida Pro: The 6’7 forward out of Punta Gorda Charlotte continues to display a versatile game this spring.  A good but not yet explosive athlete, Carroll more than compensates with his innate court sense and high skill level.  He can make shots from beyond the arc or put the ball on the floor and score with floaters or jump hooks in the lane.  Carroll is an unselfish passer and is quick to recognize mismatches and get the ball where it needs to go.  A solid rebounder, he is able to grab the rebound and push the ball up the floor without fear of losing the ball once the defense responds.

Mark McCallister, Triple Double Academy: The 6’5 wing from West Orange just seemed to be at the right place at the right time to make the right play the entire time we watched him.  He plays very hard, relentlessly pursuing rebounds, chasing loose balls, or hounding the opponent on defense.  McCallister’s most notable offensive work come on the offensive glass and in transition.  Hopefully, as time goes on this spring and summer, we will get to see more of him to better gauge his offensive skill set.  For now, call us very intrigued.

Alvin Tumblin, 1 Family: A lithe 6’6 forward from Sebring, Tumblin is just beginning to show what he has the potential to become.  He’s got a decent stroke our to the arc, can put the ball on the floor for a dribble or two and score from the foul line or short corners, and use his reach to get to offensive rebounds.  He has the length and foot speed to defend different positions on the floor.  Once he’s able to confidently attack the basket using change of directions, Tumblin’s options for the next level will open up.

Roddrick Henry, Night Rydas Elite: A 6’5 wing from Tally Rickards, Henry showed a much improved skill set since we had last seen him.  Always a high-level athlete, he has become more skilled, showing an improved jumper in terms of both range and consistency.  Henry also displayed a quick first step to get by defenders when going to the basket.  He still makes an impact as a rebounder at both ends of the floor and is quite active in the passing lanes when on defense. 

Dylan Canoville, Florida Pro: While the Fort Lauderdale Calvary Christian product may only be 6’2 or 6’3 at this stage, he gets a lot done for being “undersized”.  He scored well around the basket against taller players, showed off a solid mid-range shot, and was quite active in getting his hands in the passing lanes, causing turnovers and derailing the offense by deflecting the ball out of bounds.  He plays with a high motor and puts out 100% every play.