25 May 2023

Battle at the Beach: 16U Rpt I

There were lots of quality underclassmen on display at the Battle at the Beach this past weekend.  Here are just a few of the notables in the 16U Division.

Kohl Rosario, SE Elite 3SSB: A 6’4 sophomore from “U-School” in Fort Lauderdale, Rosario was a player we had heard much about but had not yet seen.  Both skilled and athletic, Rosario gets to the basket quickly and finishes through contact in traffic.  His jumper is reliable out to the arc and he is quick to get the ball to open teammates both on the perimeter and in the post.  He anticipates well on the defensive end, uses quick feet to stay in front of opponents, and goes hard after rebounds.

Romari Robinson, SOH Elite: A 6’6 sophomore from Miami High, Robinson seemingly did a little bit of everything this past weekend for SOH.  He got to the basket and scored in transition or short dribble drives in the half-court; snuck inside for some offensive rebound scores and knocked down perimeter shots when given the opportunity.  Robinson also did a good job filling in as a secondary ball-handler and facilitating the offense.  Defensively, he is versatile as he was able to guard smaller players on the perimeter and battle effectively against bigger guys inside.

Jett Carter, SE Elite Gold: A 6’4 sophomore at Titusville Astronaut, Carter didn’t score a ton in the game we watched but he continuously impacted the game in other ways.  He corralled more than his fair share of rebounds, came up with several loose balls, and routinely disrupted the passing lanes.  Long and lean in terms of physique, Carter has a brother that just finished a freshman year on the D-I level who is filled out and very strong.  If Jett follows the same genetic map, he will be a terror on both ends of the floor.  He didn’t attempt a perimeter shot in the contest so we are anxious to see him play again to determine where he is with that part of his game.

Cornell Wheeler, 1 Family: A 6’5 sophomore out of Wolfson in Jacksonville, Wheeler is a high-level athlete with a great deal of energy.  He is very quick off the floor to put back missed shots, covers a lot of ground quickly on the defensive end, coming up with many tips, steals, and deflections, and finishes above the rim in transition.  Wheeler’s physical gifts allow him to successfully defend multiple positions. Right now, he is successful without demonstrating much of a perimeter game but that should come in time.

Brody Cuffle, SE Elite Gold: A 6’4 sophomore at Tampa Steinbrenner, Cuffle always seems to be where the action is.  The definition of an opportunistic scrorer, Cuffle makes open perimeter shots, gets down the floor quickly in transition, and is very active on the offensive glass.  Cuffle was quick to get the ball up the floor after garnering steals or rebounds, finding open teammates ahead of the defense for easy baskets.  His athleticism is good now but no doubt it will improve as he physically matures.

Myles Mayfield, 1 Family: A 6’7 sophomore from Orlando Edgewater, Mayfield does a good job of protecting the rim, running the floor for scores in transition, and scoring via opportunity baskets (offensive rebounds, drop-offs) in the lane. He moves well laterally and covers a lot of ground quickly on the defensive end.  Mayfield is long, active, and athletic.  He showed a hint of a perimeter shot and hopefully that will grow into a weapon in the future.

Sam Shoptaw, SE Elite 3SSB: A 6’1 sophomore out of Valdosta, Shoptaw was on from behind the three-point line all weekend.  Normally content to run the offense and look to get others easy shots, he found his rhythm from deep and rode that wave.  Shoptaw is secure with the ball, makes good pass vs. shot decisions when driving to the basket, and will knock down floaters over the defense.  He plays a physical brand of defense, using his strength to keep opponents out of the lane.

Maddox Fowles, SOH Elite: A 6’7 sophomore from Western in Davie, we came away intrigued with Fowles’ upside and potential for development.  He’s an active rebounder at both ends, converts around the basket and plays hard every possession.  Fowles is a good athlete now and should be even better in the future as he gains strength.  He runs the floor well, challenges shots inside, and sticks with what he does best.


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