17 Oct 2023

All-American Jamboree – Rpt II

More from this past weekend’s All-American Jamboree.

Chase Coleman, Southern Coast Academy: A 6’2 senior, Coleman is very speedy with the ball.  He pushes the pace whenever possible and collapses defenses with his penetration, causing all kinds of chaos for the opponent.  He proved to be a reliable perimeter shooter in the game we watched.  Coleman causes even more havoc on the defensive end.  He has fast feet and hands, uses his body well to turn opposing dribblers and is disruptive in the passing lanes.  Coleman’s energy at that end is contagious.

Jaylen Robinson, DME Academy: A 6’6 senior, the ball either finds Robinson or he finds the ball.  Rebounds, loose balls, wayward passes; they all seem to land in his hands.  Robinson routinely beats the defense in transition for easy scores.  He also puts back more than his fair share of missed shots and converts a few set lob plays over the course of a contest.  A bouncy athlete, Robinson continues to evolve as a ball-handler and perimeter shooter.

Justin Roman, Academy of Central Florida: A 6’7 sophomore, Roman exhibits slightly above average athleticism but his hoops IQ and skill level more than compensate.  He is a good ball-handler and passer that sees plays a step ahead of the opponent.  Roman shoots well from beyond the arc with his feet set but is quick to challenge the defense with a strong drive should the closeout not be under control.  He is an alert defender that rotates quickly to play passing and driving angles.

Kalvin Vengeto, The Rock School: A 6’9 junior and native of France, Vengeto did the right thing in not trying to do too much.  He knows his role and stays with it.  That role is to rebound at both ends, challenge shots in the lane, and make the most of opportunities around the basket that might come his way during the course of a game.  Vengeto is a good athlete with some length and will certainly improve both athletically and skill-wise in the coming months.

Jordin Bell, West Oaks Academy: A 6’3 senior, Bell shot the ball very well from the perimeter this weekend.  He proved that he can create space for his own shot off the dribble and quickly take and make shots off the catch before the defense can rotate to him.  Bell is a good athlete that will score at the rim if the defense is overly aggressive in defending his shot.  He is an active defender, challenging ball-handlers and disrupting passing lanes.  Bell rebounds well for his size.

Rylan Kelly, Southeastern Prep: A 6’3 sophomore, Kelly plays with confidence and a smoothness that belies his age.  He has an excellent feel for the game and a solid skill level with still more room to improve.  Kelly is versatile at both ends of the floor.  On offense, he sees the floor, makes good decisions with the ball, and has the ability to create for himself and for others.  Defensively, he exhibits good lateral quickness and the ability to defend smaller, quicker players, keeping them from the basket.  Kelly has a good dose of athleticism and a great deal of long-term potential.

Carlos De Mata, Southern Coast Academy: A 6’8 senior, De Mata is long and athletic.  Those gifts allow him to be disruptive on the defensive end as he covers a lot of ground quickly, anticipates the passing lanes well, and forces quite a few turnovers.  This results in turnovers and easy baskets for him or his teammates.  De Mata plays with great energy, runs the floor in transition, and pursues missed shots at both ends with a hunger.

Moustapha Thiem, DME Academy: The 7’2 junior only played a half in the game we watched as he and teammate Caleb Williams had just stepped off a flight from Las Vegas after attending an event out west.  Still, as expected, he controlled the paint and the glass at both ends.  You could see the opposition looking around to find out where Thiem was when they ventured into the lane.  Usually it didn’t matter, as he is very quick and needs only one long step to go from weakside the ball-side and erase shot attempts.  If not played physically, he will score with ease around the basket.  It sort of helps when you can shoot down at the basket.  He is a tough-to-handle combination of size and athleticism.

Jayden Joseph, West Oaks Academy: The Flame know how develop guards, and the 6’1 Joseph is next on the high-major track.  He finishes drives well in a crowd at the basket and his jumper is a developing weapon that defenses will not be able to ignore.  Joseph can also slide over and be a playmaker for his teammates with his ability to drive and dish.  A good athlete and active defender, Joseph already has some high-majors showing serious interest.

Joseph Hartman, The Rock School: A 6’5 sophomore, Hartman is the son of a college coach and it shows.  He is cerebral in his play and makes good decisions with the ball.  He plays hard at both ends and his perimeter shooting continues to gain consistency.  With his size and abundant skill level, Hartman has a great deal of potential to reach the high D-I level.


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