05 Nov 2020

Academic Elite Academy – Rpt III

John Latimer III, Apopka: The 6’2 senior is a strong and physically tough guard.  He has a very good mid-range game and is especially effective with a foul line pull-up jumper in transition.  Latimer excels at grabbing long rebounds and pushing the pace.  He makes good reads on the move when heading to the basket.  Defensively, he has fast hands and feet to go along with his ability to anticipate where the ball is going.

Devin Leath, Apopka: The 6’2 senior is a quick combo guard that played both backcourt spots well this past Sunday.  He pushes the pace, can drive and score or knock down shots from the perimeter.  Leath has excellent lateral quickness and does a great job of harassing opposing ball-handlers.

David Ganious, Tallahassee Lincoln: Listed at 6’3, the senior looks and plays much taller than that.  He scores well inside the arc with both drives and jumpers.  Gainous gets up and down the floor swiftly in transition and finishes well above the rim.  He gives great effort in the rebounding department at both ends of the floor and has the ability to defend both post and perimeter.

Trevor Dyson, Tampa Wharton: The 6’2 senior shot the ball well from the perimeter, especially knocking down shots off the dribble out to the arc.  He is strong, finishes his drives at the rim and rebounds well for his size.  When taking the ball to the basket, Dyson is able to make baskets while absorbing contact.

Faustin Phanor (pictured above), Pro Holmes PG: The 6’10 post-grad has come along way since our first viewing of him as a lanky sophomore at Punta Gorda Charlotte.  Lean, athletic, and long, he is quick off of his feet for boards and blocks.  He has filled out some and will continue to do so as he physically matures.  Still more of an opportunistic scorer, Phanor beats most bigs down the floor in transition and has become a better finisher around the basket in a crowd.

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