13 Oct 2018

2018 Fall Festival Team Showcase – Rpt V

Central Pointe Academy

A relatively new program, Central Pointe should be a solid program in the Sunshine Independent Athletic Association this coming season.  Many of the players arrived in the states last year after being displaced by Hurricane Maria.  Luis Rolon, a 6’2 junior point guard, and Victor Rosa, a 6’4 junior wing, gained notice this past summer for their play on the travel team circuit.  Rolon is a well-built distributor with fine handles and court vision.  He scores best when attacking the basket.  Rolon’s perimeter shot needs to improve in consistency but the shot isn’t broken and he did make a couple over the course of the three games we watched.  Rosa has no problem with his shot.  He’s dangerous in catch-and-shoot situations from behind the three-point arc.  Harry Soso, a burly 6’6 junior, along with 6’9 junior Jonathan Aybar, did most of the heavy lifting inside.  Soso is somewhat limited athletically but he dominates his rebounding area and scores well around the basket.  Aybar is a lithe athlete that runs the floor, blocks shots, and makes the most of his offensive opportunities near the basket.  Diego Romero, a 6’9 sophomore, is one to watch for the future.

DME Academy

DME brought both their high school and post-grad teams to the Fall Festival.  We focused our attention on the high school program.  The team has a good combination inside with 6’7 senior Vadim Clanet and 6’9 sophomore Moussa Diabate.  Clanet came across as having a pretty good skill set. He can step out and make shots on the perimeter, is a good passer for a “big”, and rebounds well at both ends of the floor.  He won’t blow anyone away with his athleticism, but he more than gets by with his basketball IQ.  Diabate is one of the better players in his class, not just in Florida, but nationally.  He’s got a generous wing span, speed in the open court, and a quick leap around the basket.  Diabate shot the ball well from the perimeter on Saturday, and was also very active and effective on the offensive glass.  Hopefully over the next couple of years, he will gain strength and fill out his frame.

Miami Schoolhouse Prep

Schoolhouse brought up a young team from Miami as only four out of thirteen players listed on their roster were seniors.  Of those four, 6’9 Woody Therencial had the most impact.  In particular, he was a solid finisher around the rim and an active rebounder.  Ange Dibwa, a 6’10 junior, was the team’s best prospect.  Though raw skill-wise, he plays hard, runs the floor, rebounds, and protects the basket.  As Dibwa becomes more comfortable on the court, his offensive production should increase.  Carl Bigord, a 6’5 junior wing, provided perimeter scoring for the team.

Clearwater Superior Collegiate

This will be the team’s first year in the SIAA and look for them to challenge the established hierarchy in that league.  Khalil Shaheed, a 6’3 junior, can be an explosive scorer when the game’s tempo gets pushed up.  He finishes way above the rim, has excellent body control in the air, and a knack for scoring creatively with either hand.  Senior Robert Hardy, 6’6, is long and athletically explosive.  Another threat to dunk over anyone standing in his way, Hardy has a quick first step to the basket.  Despite a flat shot, his jumper goes in rather frequently.  Terrell Sanders, a 6’5 senior, was potent on defense with several steals and offensively got his points by taking the ball strong to the basket.  Miguel Miranda, a 6’5 junior, was very active on the offensive glass and made the majority of his perimeter shots.