19 Apr 2023

Source Hoops Spring Tip-Off – Rpt II

More quality players to cover from our Spring Tip-Off Classic this past weekend.

Moustapha Thiem, Southeast Elite 3SSB 17U: A 7’0 sophomore at Daytona Beach DME Academy, Thiem seemingly improves each time he steps on the court.  With his size and length, he is a prodigious shot blocker.  Thiem moves well laterally, and changes ends quickly.  Offensively he isn’t a bad ball-handler for his size but needs to be aware to not overdo it.  The majority of his scores come on lobs and putbacks.  Theim is thin but isn’t afraid to play physically at either end of the floor.

Jaylen Robinson, Southeast Elite 3SSB 17U: A 6’6 junior from Jacksonville Providence, Robinson is a superior athlete that gets a lot done thru effort and energy.  He explodes off the floor for lobs, putbacks, and transition finishes.  Robinson is comfortable putting the ball on the deck and scoring after a dribble or two.  He is a versatile defender due to his strength and athleticism.  Once his perimeter shot gains consistency, his recruiting level will rise.

Ameer Ramadan, Southeast Elite Gold 17U: A 5’11 junior at Orlando Christian Prep, Ramadan plays either guard spot well.  He creates and makes his own shot on the perimeter and his range is well past the three-point line.  When penetrating with the dribble, Ramadan looks to pass first but doesn’t hesitate to score if left unchallenged.  He is an excellent on-ball defender, either stripping the opponent of the ball or keeping him from getting where he wants to go to initiate offense.

Elijah Payne, XPC Elite 17U: A 6’6 junior from Riverview Bell Creek Academy, Payne is what is referred to as a “dancing bear” in that he has a big body but nimble feet and surprising skills.  He has a good perimeter shooting touch with range out to the arc.  Payne can score after one or two dribbles gets him to the basket and he knows how to use his body to create space to put up shots in a crowd.  He also is a decent passer to cutters in the lane.  Payne owns his rebounding area and is all too happy to play physically on the defensive end of the floor.

Bobby Crawford, Team Speights 16U: A 6’7 sophomore from St. Petersburg Gibbs, Crawford is a long and lean athlete that held his own against a very sizeable SE Elite 3SSB front line.  He looks like he is still getting used to his size but Crawford is quick off the floor and runs well.  He has good timing for blocks, rebounds out of his area, and is quick to outlet the ball to start the break.  Crawford is lacking in strength to score via post ups but has a good touch around the basket when it comes to offensive rebounds and getting the ball from penetrating teammates.

Sam Osayi, Southeast Elite 3SSB 16U: A 6’8 sophomore at Potter’s House in Jacksonville, Osayi is strong and bouncy with broad shoulders.  He is very quick off the floor to block shots and grab rebounds.  Offensively he is still a work-in-progress but will make the most of his opportunities in transition, putting back missed shots, and finishing lobs around the rim.  Osayi sprints the floor in transition and has the lateral quickness and footspeed to step out and defend on the perimeter.

Iryan Francis, Showtime Ballers 16U: A 6’6 sophomore out of Quincy Munroe, Francis is long, athletic, and very active.  He is a relentless offensive rebounder that simply refuses to be blocked out.  Francis is more of an opportunity scorer but showed flashes of being an effective roll-man to the basket.  Defensively, he protects the rim well for a player his size and is quick to outlet the ball when grabbing a defensive rebound and sprint the floor in transition.


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