10 Apr 2023

Saturday at The TNBA South Easter Classic

The National Basketball Academy (TNBA) South held its Easter Classic this past weekend at The Big House in Tavares.  We spent some time there on Saturday and found several players that made the event a worthwhile endeavor.

Cameron Henderson, Raptors Elite 2024: A 6’8 junior from Sanford Seminole, Henderson showcased a good touch around the rim when he got opportunities to score, mostly on drop-off passes from teammates driving to the basket.  He was quick off his feet to pursue rebounds or challenge shots, ran the floor well and attacked the glass at both ends of the court.

Sawyer Adams, Florida Dream 2024: A 6’9 junior from Paxton in the panhandle portion of the state, Adams’ is a classic, old school post player.  He moves okay for a guy with a big frame.  Adams demonstrated good footwork in the post and a soft touch around the rim, scoring with some strong power moves.  He clogs the lane and challenges shot on defense.  Adams is a weapon that many schools in Class 1A simply don’t have.

Jahi Bowden, Sunshine Elite 2025: A 5’11 sophomore at Apopka, Bowden displayed very good speed, quickness, and athleticism.  We were impressed with his ability to handle the basketball in traffic, keep his head up and read the floor.  Bowden made the right pass vs. shot decision the majority of the time.  He excelled at penetrating the defense and finding teammates for open shots.  He didn’t take a jump shot the entire contest but he didn’t have to.  Bowden was active and alert on defense, coming up with several steals.

Cameron Bryant, Sunshine Elite 2025: A 6’5 sophomore at Orlando Timber Creek, Bryant catches your attention with his physical gifts.  Though a bit on the thin side, he got off the floor quickly to pursue rebounds at both ends and get shots up around the basket.  Bryant was very quick to get rid of a secured defensive rebound and then sprint the floor in transition.  Defensively, he covered a lot of ground quickly on the perimeter.  Bryant passed the ball well in the game we watched and while he missed his one perimeter shot attempt, the form and mechanics looked fundamentally sound.

Levi Hubbard, Sunshine Elite 2025: A 6’3 sophomore at University in Orlando, Hubbard was very good shooting the three-ball off the catch but he did more than just that.  He wasn’t afraid to take contact on drives and showed that he can finish above the rim.  Hubbard played hard at both ends of the floor, battled bigger opponents for rebounds, and constantly moved without the ball on the offensive end of the floor.

Timo Pierre, South Florida Elite 2026: A 6’4 freshman at Boyd Anderson in Fort Lauderdale, Pierre is much more project than prospect at this point.  Physically he has a strong frame, good bounce, and plays with desire.  He was very productive when it came to getting rebounds, especially on offense, as well as challenging shots in the lane on the other end.  At this stage, Pierre’s offensive skills are raw but there is time to get those up to speed.

Justin Brigham, Powerhouse Bulls 2026 UA Rise: A 6’4 freshman out of Central Florida Christian Academy in Orlando, Brigham impressed with both his intangibles and skills.  He played hard, tough, and with a high basketball IQ.  While Brigham has a solid frame, he moved quite well, displayed good ball-handling skills and made good shot vs pass decisions on the move.  He scored well inside the arc and controlled his rebounding area.

Kevin Edou, TNBA South Jayhawks 2027: A 6’4 eighth grader from Orlando, Edou is long, athletic, active, and plays with great energy.  He produced points and rebounds because of his efforts rather than skills at this point.  Edou came up with several steals and blocks in the game we watched thanks to his length and quickness off the floor.  Should he become a legit offensive threat, his future becomes quite bright.

Dwayne Foreman, III, Powerhouse Bulls 2026 UA Rise: A 5’10 eighth grader from Hope Prep in Groveland, Foreman has been well-schooled and has a very high basketball IQ for an eighth grader.  He did a great job of keeping his head up, seeing the floor, and making good decisions with the ball.  Foreman’s ability to read the defense in transition as well as coming off ball-screens was next-level.  He didn’t force offense and just played “older”.

James Nowells, TNBA South Jayhawks 2027: A 6’2 eighth grader, Nowells’ frame and athleticism are well advanced for this age group.  He scored on some quick, straight line drives, showed some range on his perimeter shot, and worked the offensive glass.  Nowells has all the physical tools necessary to be a very good defender at the next level.

Robert Hazard, Rivera Sports Elite 2027: A 6’1 eighth grader, Hazard was quietly productive and thankfully didn’t live up to his name.  He made open shots on both sides of the arc, found open teammates in the lane for easy baskets, ran the floor for scores and was an active rebounder at both ends of the court.




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