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Travel Team Jamboree – 17U: Rpt III

By Rick Staudt, 04/06/17, 11:30AM CDT


We’ll finalize our coverage of the 17U division the Travel Team Jamboree with this report.

Team Knight 17U

Jahmel Myers: The 6’7 junior from Cape Coral Mariner was all over the glass at both ends of the court in both games that we watched.  He simply has a knack for knowing where the ball is going to come off the rim, get there quickly, and corrals the miss with strong hands.  Myers converted some tough shots inside and has a nice touch around the basket. 

Caleb Catto: A reliable shooter from beyond the arc, the 6’4 junior from Fort Myers Southwest Florida Christian is much more than that.  He’s a good athlete, a solid ball-handler and passer, and a better-than-expected defender.  Catto can play the point in a pinch but it’s much better to have him concentrate on scoring.

Berrick Jean-Louis: A length wing with some bounce, the 6’4 product from Fort Myers Canterbury excels in transition.  He fills lanes quickly and finishes creatively around the rim.  Jean-Louis is also a good passer on the move and had some nice assists when cut off from the basket by the defense.  His length and lateral quickness make him a versatile defender.

Team MOAM 17U

DeJuan Lockett: He continues to make his mark as an undersized power guy that favorably competes against bigger opponents via great energy and will power.  The 6’5 junior from Orlando Christian Prep does a nice job of putting the ball on the floor and scoring from fifteen feet and in.  Once Lockett secures the offensive rebound he is quick to get the ball back up to the basket.  He runs the floor well and is a solid finisher on the break.  Lockett doesn’t take many jump shots as he understands that he is quite effective at getting to the basket and scoring around, over, or through bigger defenders.

Dante Treacy: A feisty competitor, Treacy backs down from no one and had success against bigger opponents this past weekend.  The 5’11 lefty from Central Florida Christian Academy in Orlando has a knack for making tough shots in traffic and also must be respected from three point territory.  A good ball-handler and passer, he does a good job of handling pressure and looks to get teammates involved early and often.  Treacy is a decent defender that anticipates well and rarely gambles or gets out of position.

CP25 Gauntlet 17U

Logan Dye: A 6’8, solidly-built post player from Alabama, Dye is tough to stop around the basket.  He catches the ball well, has solid footwork, a variety of moves, and a soft touch on either side of the rim.  Dye rebounds his area and runs the floor well.  We didn’t see much in terms of a jump shot but he can put the ball on the floor for a dribble or two and score when facing the basket.

Emmanuel Littles: Another Alabama product, the 6’7 Littles has long arms and great lift off the floor.  A tremendous offensive rebounder, he gets a lot of points simply by not giving up on the basketball.  Littles is fast in transition and easily converts passes above the rim into points.  He surprised by stepping outside and connecting on a shot from beyond the arc.  Not sure of his overall skill level but Littles is certainly one to watch because of his athleticism and production.

CP25 Florida 17U

Michael Randolph, Jr.: The 6’4 wing out of Pensacola Washington does a lot of different things on the court.  He handles and passes the ball well enough to play the point in certain instances.  While he didn’t take any threes in the game we watched, Washington was consistent with his mid-range jumper and scored more often than not when taking the ball to the basket.  He is also a solid defender and rebounder.

Joe Conley: The 6’7 Oviedo Hagerty product continues to show improvement.  He’s active at both ends in the rebounding department, plays physically, and gives great effort when on the floor.  Conley scored better around the rim this weekend than he did with his perimeter shot but that should improve with time and repetition. 

Christian Miller-Caldwell: The 6’4 wing from Gainesville HS shot the ball well from the perimeter this weekend, connecting on jumpers both inside and behind the three point line.  CMC also had some nice passes for assists.  He’s a crafty offensive rebounder and aggressive defender as well.

Shawndarius Cowert: An athletic guard from Pensacola HS, the 6’3 Cowert had success scoring from all three levels in the game we took in.  He’s a solid passer on the move and rebounds well from the backcourt.  With his athleticism and strength, he is able to guard a variety of positions on the perimeter.

CBA United 17U

Evan Spiller: The 6’4 product of Lakewood Ranch had a productive Jamboree.  He showed range on his jumper, knocked down mid-range shots off the dribble, and creatively finished at the basket.  Spiller also handled the ball well and was a solid secondary ball-handler against the press.  While not the most athletic player, his smarts and skills more than compensate.

Jack Kelley: Another player from Lakewood Ranch, the 6’6 Kelly has a solid frame and knows how to use it.  He plays physically at both ends, scores well around the basket and showed an ability to hit open shots along the perimeter. 

Warehouse Ballers 17U

Zhandi Robinson: A 6’0 junior out of Largo, Robinson continually put pressure on the defense by taking the ball to the basket as often as possible.  If he didn’t score, he earned trips to the foul line.  He’s a quick athlete that puts a lot of pressure on the opposing ball-handler at the defensive end of the court.